February 7, 2023

Among all possible things one can do on vacation, the charm of yacht renting is one of the finest and most attractive. The countless space for marine exploration and marvelous beauties of nature lure tourists from all over the world. That can be a reason motor yacht rental has become an irresistible temptation for people with different budgets and tastes.

Amateurs are generally unaware of the prices for such services. In this article, we will try to shed light on the subject and explain the range of prices for a yacht charter in Dubai.

Basic components that influence the price of the yacht

It is clear as day that various boat characteristics, such as size, condition, type, etc., will be charged differently. Overall, small yachts and catamarans will cost you not less than $10,000 per week. If you think it is not quite suitable for you as you decide to bring a bigger company and rent an extravagant motor yacht, you will be charged around $150,000 per week. These are the general prices for a yacht rental in Dubai. Of course, there are several aspects to take into account as they may drastically influence your expenses.

Do not forget about the local taxes, type of trip, and amount of time in the open water. Also, consider the route you will take, the trajectory, and the trip’s final destination. Regarding the information mentioned above, you will have to pay a different price.

Chartering a 100-foot motor yacht will cost approximately $50,000. Depending on the route of the trip and the time of the lease, it may vary and cost not more than $100,000. Keep in mind that the prices may also depend on the type of holiday package and the chosen company. We will also briefly comment on the price structure and types of packages the companies offer their clients.

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Price structure of the yacht charter 

In the world of yacht charter, there are two main types of packages – all-inclusive and plus expenses. It would be essential to include a couple of words regarding each one.

All-inclusive rent means the price depends on the number of guests on the boat, the trajectory of the route (to calculate the fuel costs), and renting time. Occasionally it may also include the expenses for food, beverage, and taxes. Again, it may vary as each company has its own policy. Some include taxes and even the cost of the berth, and some prefer not to include them.

Plus expenses rent package is usually applicable for larger motor yachts. The rent may have running expenses that should be paid separately. At first, you pay the base price, which is only for the yacht, and later on, you will be charged with additional expenses. They may include drinks, delicious Mediterranean cuisine, taxes, berth, etc. In most cases, such an additional fee must be paid by APA (Advanced Provisioning Allowance). It generally is 35% of the base price and has to be paid before renting.

General factors impacting a price variation

Usually, boats are rented privately, which makes it a large space for price fluctuations. Charter conditions may drastically vary from company to company, and it is not only because of the luxury of the yachts but also of season, route, destination, and many more. We have decided to talk about it in detail and explain why the price sometimes is dramatically different from the norm.

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Season. Being one of the most decisive factors, the season usually helps to increase or decrease the price. Undoubtedly, during the hot season, the endless crowds of tourists wanting to bathe in the sun play a big part in it. Given the fact that the popular period for yacht renting is usually from September to March, it is not at all difficult to find clients for a yacht charter.

Destination. Obviously, the more time you want to sail, the higher price you will have to pay for fuel. Plan wisely your route so as not to have any inconveniences and an overcharge.

Peculiarities of the boats. It is a well-known fact that motor yachts are produced differently. Some may have powerful engines, bigger berths, more exquisite designs, and equipment. All of these characteristics impact the price. Besides, the yachts have a personal reputation and reviews, which may also take part in their increased cost.

Taxes. We have already talked about the fact that some companies prefer to exclude taxes from the total renting price. As a result, you will be requested to pay them separately. The amount of the sum will depend on the destination.

Insurance. With every expensive purchase, insurance helps you to feel confident. In case of unexpected trip canceling or other important changes, you will be glad that you have insurance.

Laundry and dry cleaning. The tidiness of your room is a pleasant addition to your comfort on the boat. A basic package always includes room maintenance and tidying up your bed. What it does not contain is a cleaning of your personal baggage. If you want it, you will have to pay extra. Keep in mind that it works like that everywhere. No one will proceed with the dry cleaning of delicate items as it is considered to be not a standard service.

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Tipping the crew. According to the rules of politeness, tipping is welcome. If you are satisfied with the services of the team, leaving some extra is a significantly widespread practice in yacht chartering. Usually, it takes 15-20% of the rental rate. Not a significant amount of money for such a memorable experience.

To cut it short, the charter cost in Dubai may depend on many factors. You will have to consider the season, destination, type of yacht, dry cleaning, and many more. Even though the general charter prices are stable, they may differ from company to company. But the price for such services may be affordable and pleasant. Choose your best company and charter your boat! (https://charterclick.com)