February 7, 2023

POT plants: Dopey drug dealer arrested after police found dozens of cannabis plants in his backyard

  • West Mercia Police raided the Kidderminster property on Sunday morning
  • A drug dealer was arrested after cannabis plants were found in the backyard
  • Police posted photos on social media after carrying out the order on July 31
  • One social media user wrote: ‘Brings a whole new meaning to potted plants’

A drug dealer was arrested after police found dozens of cannabis plants growing in plain sight in his backyard.

Officers raided the property in Kidderminster, Worcestershire, on July 31, and discovered the drugs in plant pots surrounding the lawn.

West Mercia police took to social media to share details of the raid and confirmed that a man had been arrested as the investigation continues.

Police also posted photos on Twitter showing the backyard cannabis plants in full view.

A drug dealer was arrested in Kidderminster on Sunday morning when cannabis plants were discovered growing in pots in his backyard

Web users reacted with amazement to the homeowner’s brazen attempt to grow cannabis in their own backyard.

One person wrote: ‘As if they had them in full view in the garden!’

Another replied: ‘They probably thought they were tomato plants and wondered why no fruit was growing’

One woman commented, “Gives a whole new meaning to potted plants.”

Another wrote: ‘Lol, put them casually in the garden.’

Officers arrived and found the plants in plain sight in the garden – the investigation is ongoing

A fifth social media user wrote: ‘Brilliant, how daring can you be. Anyone can look out their bedroom window and see it. What the hell was he thinking???’

Another said: ‘That’s one way to add some greenery to your backyard. What a flop.’

West Mercia Police said: ‘This morning B-shift officers executed an arrest warrant at an address in Brecknell Rise, Kidderminster.

“One man has been arrested and the investigation is ongoing. Concerned About Medications? Contact us directly or @CrimestoppersUK anonymously on 0800 555 111.’