February 9, 2023

Prison warden shares the ‘normal’ things she will NEVER do since working in a prison – from traveling alone to having a stranger buy her a drink to living on the first floor of a building


A former prosecutor has revealed the things she’ll never do since working in a prison — including not traveling alone for fear of being kidnapped and never living on the first floor because it’s easy to break into. Taris Shawdae, of Calgary, Canada, shared a video with TikTok explaining how her outlook on personal safety has changed since working behind bars – with the clip quickly garnering more than four million views.

In the video, she explains how she will never accept a drink from a stranger or tell people when she goes on vacation because of the horror stories she has heard from inmates. “Number one, I never go to anyone’s house I just met,” she says. “Too many stories about people being kidnapped and attacked. Second, I’ll probably never be a solo traveler because I’ve seen too many stories of people getting killed and people targeting women.

“Number three, I’m never going to make a video of the outside of where I live because people are eerily good at checking your house.” Taris also explained that she will “never be predictable” about what time she leaves her house so people don’t know her schedule and that she will “never accept a drink from a stranger.” She also revealed that she will never get into her car without looking for something and will never sleep in a hotel room without locking it with a chain.

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The clip was viewed millions of times, with many asking for more tips — saying she will never send her kids to sleepovers. In a second video, she explained, “I never apply for a job without making sure it’s a real job and not a scam, so you don’t give out your info. “I don’t have kids, but if I had them I wouldn’t put them online because there are too many predators. I wouldn’t let them stay overnight because there are too many stories of children being molested.’ She went on to explain that if she always avoids living on the first floor because “it has such easy access” and she never posts online about “leaving” for fear of thieves knowing when the house will be empty.

In a third clip, she explained that she would never do penpal programs in prison after discovering what people have done inside. She also said she would never leave her friends at a festival because it’s too easy to steal your drink and when traveling she always learns the legal system abroad because she “don’t want to be locked up abroad”. Taris also said she would never accept luggage or packages from anyone else because it’s “very easy to put something illegal in there.” The former prosecutor added that she would never get in a car with someone who was drunk, as she has heard “a lot of” “extremely graphic” DUI stories. She finished by explaining that she would never let strangers look at her bag in a cafe because “it’s so easy to slip in or steal AirTags” and that she would “never let anyone into her apartment building” she didn’t know.

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