February 9, 2023

For some, it may feel impossible to leave the house without a good wash, especially in these warmer months, but this 23-year-old revealed she can go 10 days without a shower. TikTok.

A Washington State University graduate, Ayden Jane, 23, raised eyebrows when she revealed she hadn’t showered for a week and a half.

She described herself as ‘the girl who doesn’t shower and shows her period online’ and shared a video on the social media platform claiming to be ‘proof that you don’t have to shower to look good’.

She was bombarded by other users who were shocked by her confession and called her “crazy”.

Some said they could never go that long without a shower, and others said Ayden should stay “10 feet” away from them.

Ayden Jane, 23, from the US, raised eyebrows when she admitted she can go 10 days without a shower on TikTok

Calling herself “the girl who doesn’t shower and show her period online,” the 23-year-old said she’s living proof that you don’t have to bathe every day to look or feel your best.

“I’m living proof that you don’t need to bathe often to look and feel your best,” said the controversial TikTok user in a video showing off her hair and skin, claiming she’s been 10 years old. hasn’t washed for days.

The video was viewed by more than three million people and sparked a lot of negative reactions. In other clips shared on the platform, Ayden addressed her critics.

She said she couldn’t tell a difference in her appearance whether she showers or not, with the exception of her hair, which is curly when it’s just been washed.

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She explained that she hadn’t felt the need to shower for 10 days because her hair didn’t feel greasy due to a specific shampoo she was using.

Ayden said the reason she didn’t shower for so long is because her hair didn’t get greasy for 10 days

She also revealed that she uses eco-friendly antiperspirant every day to stay fresh and insisted she didn’t smell bad.

Ayden admitted she realizes she’s in a minority of people who can go long without a shower.

“I’m pretty sure I’m not representative of the general public — I think the general public is plunging on a daily basis,” she said.

She revealed that she is the one who has showered the most in her household, despite not showering every day.

The 23-year-old said she doesn’t think she smells bad and argued it’s better for the environment not to bathe daily

“I would say it’s better for the environment if we shower less, because water is a precious resource,” she added.

“Like, unless you’re doing manual labor and get really sweaty or covered in grease, you probably won’t need to shower daily,” she added.

Ayden added that she no longer showers when she has her period because “menstruation is not bad.”

Ayden, who also called herself a “period right activist” who also shares graphic posts about her menstrual blood online, claimed that the vulva does not require washing because the vagina is self-cleaning.

But despite her efforts, her followers remained unconvinced.

“Hey, why did you have to share this?” someone asked.

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“10 days is wild, let alone summer,” wrote another.

“I only do this when I’m depressed and have no motivation,” said another.

“Stay ten feet away from me,” one wrote.

However, some people came to Ayden’s defense, 10 days is not very long.

’10 days isn’t that long, tbh,’ someone said, to which Ayden replied ‘totally agree.’

People criticized Ayden’s confession, asking her to stay ’10 feet away’ from them and that not showering for 10 days is ‘wild’