February 4, 2023

A lawyer pregnant with twins has spoken out against the “cruel norms” faced by pregnant women in the workplace, as she describes her own struggles to cope with the physical and emotional toll of impending motherhood as she tries to keep a full-time job.

Leena Yousefi, 39, a successful lawyer from Vancouver, Canada, took LinkedIn to share an eye-opening post about the dangers of job stress for pregnant women, claiming that many expectant mothers are forced to sacrifice their health to ensure their financial security.

“For the past 2 months I’ve had to lie in bed in my work clothes in the morning before work, unable to move, think or function,” the mother-to-be wrote, sharing an image of herself laying flat on her bed. a bed with her computer in the background.

“I wake up in a constant state of chronic depression, nausea, aversion to everything, debilitating migraines, a numbness of the world and lack of happiness, which is sometimes one of the scariest things I’ve ever felt.”

Leena further warned that the stress placed on women who are forced to work full-time during the first trimester of pregnancy could be at the root of the rising rate of miscarriages.

Leena Yousefi, 39, a successful lawyer from Vancouver, Canada, revealed that her success has been awarded in a dazzling LinkedIn post

In her post, the lawyer discussed the ‘cruel standards’ to which women are subjected as they are forced to choose between ‘working and being human’

“Then we wonder why the miscarriage rate is astronomical and why it is often linked to stress,” she continued.

How maternal stress can affect a pregnancy

  • According to Planned ParenthoodA miscarriage occurs when a fetus dies before the 20th week of pregnancy.
  • The most common cause of miscarriage is due to chromosomal abnormalities
  • Ten to 20 percent of women have had a miscarriage
  • Although there is no direct association with acute maternal stress and miscarriage, a 2017 research the risk of miscarriage rises by 42 percent due to chronic stress, such as poverty
  • While it’s not said that stress alone leads to miscarriages, chronic stress can be a factor, so it’s vital to assess any long-term stressors
  • In the US, federal law requires all employers with at least 50 employees to give eligible employees 12 weeks of unpaid leave each year after the birth of their child
  • Although federal law gives women 12 weeks after the birth of their baby, the US is said to have one of the worst leave plans available, with no nationally paid leave and only three months of unpaid leave, which many women say isn’t enough time.
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Having to rest in order to literally create life – a heart, a brain, organs – is often treated as a vacation or at best unpaid leave.

“In our most vulnerable state, if we don’t stand up and force ourselves to work to earn money for our families, our safety will be threatened. Or we sacrifice ourselves or risk our financial security.’

She further discussed how most women are expected to work in the first trimester, which is often the most difficult, without any disruption.

She added, “Being pregnant with twins is the toughest physical challenge I’ve ever faced in my life.”

Leena is the CEO and founder of YLaw, one of the most successful women-run law firms in Canada, and takes pride in creating a workplace where women can thrive, regardless of their background, with over 80 percent of employees being women of color. are pregnant women, people on parental leave and single mothers.

Despite her success and willingness to accommodate her employees, Leena shared how difficult it can be to balance work and pregnancy in her vulnerable position, reminding everyone that pregnancy should be treated as an important health condition.

In her post, Leena describes the “fragile state” women find themselves in when they are pregnant and says those who are pregnant are often “threatened with our safety if we don’t get up and force ourselves to work to earn money for our families.” . Or we sacrifice ourselves or risk our financial security.’

While Leena acknowledges that she is “lucky” to be able to give herself the breaks she needs despite the work, she knows that “not everyone has this choice.”

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The pain and frustration the attorney experienced has inspired her to change workplace policies so that employees who are pregnant don’t suffer at work.

She ends her post by sharing her hopes of connecting with “men and women who… to get through this but couldn’t stand up for fear of sounding “weak” or jeopardizing their jobs.

She encourages employers to rethink the “cruel norms” to which women are subject and advocates for society to “create a world where our children don’t have to choose between working and being human.”

Leena shared how difficult it can be to balance work and pregnancy in her vulnerable position, where she reminded everyone that pregnancy should be treated as an important health condition

According to Mayo Clinicincludes the first trimester, tender, swollen breasts, nausea with or without vomiting, increased urination, extreme fatigue, heartburn, constipation, and increased feelings of anxiety and stress.

A 2017 Research has shown that miscarriages are much more common than many think: 10 to 20 percent of pregnancies result in a miscarriage and about 43 percent of women who have had a child have miscarried.

However, most studies have shown that there is no link between maternal stress and miscarriages.

A study found that maternal distress does not affect uterine blood flow or umbilical cord blood flow, meaning stress has no effect on a fetus’ access to nutrients or development.

And while there is no direct link to acute stress, such as from work or relationship problems, as the cause of miscarriages, there are Research suggesting that additional stress may be a potential risk factor among other causes, but stress alone is often unlikely to cause miscarriage.

Mayo Clinic notes that miscarriage is often caused by a chromosomal abnormality that interferes with the normal development of the embryo.

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There is often nothing that could have been done to prevent a miscarriage, but managing chronic conditions, such as diabetes or high blood pressure, and avoiding smoking, alcohol, and the use of illegal drugs can increase the risk of miscarriage. Reduce.

While there’s no evidence that acute stress can lead to miscarriage, stress can affect your pregnancy by exacerbating the more common causes of miscarriage.

A 2017 research in Scientific Reports found that while chromosomal abnormalities are most often the cause of miscarriage, psychological factors such as chronic stress, such as the stress caused by poverty, can increase the risk of miscarriage by 42 percent.

While there’s no scientific research showing a link between stress and miscarriages, heightened emotions and extreme symptoms during your pregnancy often make it nearly impossible to work some days.

While many users empathize with lawyers’ struggles and shared similar experiences, one user told Leena to ‘stop complaining’

Many users empathized with lawyers’ struggles and shared their similar experiences.

One woman described her own pregnancy, saying: ‘The company I worked for considered pregnancy a total inconvenience and time and again promoted men over women because they had no babies. It is high time for change and empathy and compassion from employers will be rewarded.”

“Moms are great,” another user wrote.

“Women should have the opportunity to experience pregnancy in a different way than when we did. I can only tell you that the most beautiful thing about being pregnant is the baby on the other side,” commented one user after struggling to work during pregnancy.

Another woman offered employers a solution, saying, “We need to create a work life where people can be human.”

While most users sympathized with Leena, one user told the lawyer to “stop complaining” and “tell the feminists to shut up and teach your daughters the importance of being a woman, bringing the world and raising children. ‘