February 9, 2023

Elevator shoes have elevated bases, heels, or soles that increase the wearer’s height.

Usually, they contain additional insoles or padding that help increase the wearer’s height without conspicuously looking larger than ordinary shoes. 

The extra material is discreetly padded between the insole and the outsole to create an additional 2-5 inches of confidence and comfort. 

There are different types of elevator shoes for men and women who plan on adding a few inches to their height.

Benefits of elevator shoes.

The benefits of elevator shoes transcend all areas of your life. Consequently, wearing elevator shoes allows you to succeed in your relationships, career, and health.

Elevator shoes look like regular shoes.

Unlike high heels, elevator shoe designers use ingenious tactics to prevent them from looking conspicuously larger or taller than regular shoes. 

Consequently, you can wear them on various occasions without raising eyebrows or creating negative attention. 

Elevator shoes improve self-confidence leading to success.

Standing tall, whether related to posture or natural height, positively correlates to self-confidence and esteem.

Wearing elevator shoes has similar effects to having a taller stature or having a posture that makes you stand tall. 

Such confidence could help you score an extra point on dates, during interviews and presentations. Studies have shown that someone who’s 6 feet tall earns $166,000 more in 30 years than someone who is 5 feet 5 inches tall.

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Similarly, history shows that Kings used to wear elevator shoes in the Middle Ages to create a sense of superiority.

Luxury, quality, and comfort.

Elevator shoe design enhances comfort, creating a pleasant experience for the wearer.

Additionally, they are usually designed using light and quality material to withstand the pressure and last longer. 

The insoles and extra padding are usually made of thick layers of ergonomic material that is nice to feel and absorbs the impact generated by your heels on the ground when walking.

Elevator shoes improve posture and body proportion.

Uncomfortable shoes do not only damage your toes, ankles, mood, and confidence but also your posture.

However, elevator shoes are designed with the luxury and comfort of the wearer in mind. Additionally, they provide additional support to keep your feet well grounded. 

The additional confidence they infuse only adds to a better posture when walking or standing.

The additional height also makes you stand out chest high, thus contributing to the overall body posture.

Another benefit of elevator shoes is that they improve your body shake by elongating the legs and overall height. Thus, they make you appear healthy for your body size if you pack extra pounds. 

Similarly, if you have shorter legs than the torso, elevator shoes will bridge the gap between the upper and lower body, making you proportional. 

Wrapping up

The benefits of elevator shoes outweigh any misconceptions about enhancing one’s appearance and stature. 

Also, elevator shoes are good for your health and self-confidence and could determine the level of your career success. 

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On the dating scene, first impressions matter and wearing elevator shoes could give you a second date and prevent your love interest from eliminating you before knowing who you are as a person.