January 31, 2023

Skyward FBISD is a terrific non-academic product of FBISD that is very useful and indispensable to take care of your children’s academic/educational development. A unique platform that lets parents, guardians, and students to share and track their children’s achievements. Through this portal, your children can gain motivation and provide a motivational boost to their academic and personal development.

Features of Skyward FBISD

The following are the most crucial features of this platform:

  1. Academic Performance tracking – It provides academic performance and academic scores for each and every child on this platform. Skyward FBISD provides the overall academic growth, academic milestones, or test scores for every student on the platform, and keeps a track of each and every achievement by using real-time statistics, and constantly communicates with parents about each and every achievement their children make.
  2. School calendar & activity tracking – It gives school calendars, in-progress reports, previous/upcoming tests, class activity periods, upcoming achievements, upcoming tests, and much more. Skyward FBISD gives special presentation of your child’s performance to the parents and gives them clear and clear ideas about what your child is supposed to be, and what he/she is not, in school. It gives parents a complete schedule of what is expected from each and every child in his/her class.
  3. Educational intelligence – It provides most desirable educational intelligence to the children. Through this app, you can take a look at the classroom achievement reports, you can get a school statistics on a child’s performance, you can access the internet teaching materials, you can access the offers and student referral system for your child.
  4. Teachers & Parents Coordination – Skyward FBISD provides a platform for teachers to coordinate their class with parents. You can schedule a meeting with your child’s teachers and schedule a professional conference with your child’s teachers. All the teachers and parents will communicate with each other using the discussion board and students’ assessment reports.
  5. Education Reviews – This wonderful app also provides real-time analysis of your child’s achievements by putting various grades in it. You can click on the results of your child’s achievement to get to the top of the screen. If your child’s result is very good you can get to the green zone and if your child’s result is average you can get to the orange zone. If you are a parent and your child’s result is poor you can be thrown into the red zone.
  6. Timed tests – This app also provide timed tests for your child’s performance. You can take your child’s tests real time and get to know what is happening in the classroom and what your child needs to improve. The tests and benchmark tests are updated online 24×7 and are continuously monitored. So you can get to know the scores and class performance of your child on real time basis.
  7. All Parents Involvement – Skyward FBISD is a platform that allows all parents and guardians to play a critical role in their children’s learning. You can create reports and evaluations for your child and share the reports with your child’s school or teachers. If your child is not performing to the required level, you can initiate a test as per your child’s level the marks based on the performance of your child.
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Skyward FBISD has proved to be a wonderful product for your kids education, that is to say, it helps in their achievement tracking and is especially designed to provide the most positive opportunity for your child to excel in their studies and helps your child academically in all aspects, including the study guides, homework activities, tests, reports, class project report, meeting the goals and all sorts of updates and emails.

Final Verdict

All things considered, Skyward FBISD is an excellent app for your children’s education. It is designed very well, easy to use and as mentioned above has also proved to be an effective platform that helps you improve your child’s performance in school.

So we say, stay tuned and grab the opportunity to avail the Skyward FBISD app on your Android devices to plan your child’s future better. For more updates, please connect here.