January 31, 2023

Hashem Al Ghaili’s animated project promises years of flight without the necessity to land. “Thanks to nuclear energy, the hotel never runs out of fuel and might stay within the air for several years without touching the bottom.” The hotel is equipped with the best comfort, from theaters, swimming pools, cinema, observation posts, and environments for parties and weddings, in addition to having an exquisite luxury restaurant at the highest of the plane’s tail, with a 360-degree view. °.

The project is clearly ambitious and would wish a multi-million dollar investment to urge off the bottom, but it’s interesting to imagine that with today’s technology, and much of cash, it’d be possible to make a hotel that cruises through the sky.
Passengers and supplies would arrive by air

According to the designers of the project, the plane also includes a noise cancellation system so passengers don’t hear the noise of the movement of the Sky Cruise, passing through air currents and clouds. Now, since the concept is that the plane can stay in the air for over a year, the question is: How do passengers and supplies get to the cruise ship?

The idea of ​​the Nuclear Powered Airplane Cruise Ship is for guests and supplies to attain the hotel via private jets and mid-air commercial flights. An elevator would connect with the commercial flight bringing food or guests. the concept is certainly absurd and maybe sounds too dangerous. Anyway, Sky Cruise is simply a project of an aviation enthusiast, and it won’t necessarily come true, in its entirety or in the way envisioned.

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Hashem himself says that the will to make an Airplane Hotel stems from his desire for softer aerial experiences and his passion for Studio Ghibli films. “I think the present air experience has become tedious and obsolete. it is time for brand new innovations to create our flights easier. I’ve always been an admirer of Studio Ghibli and chateau within the Sky movies.”