January 27, 2023
A pedestrian crossing ahead sign knocked down and on the ground in an urban environment

Crosswalks and intersections are the busiest during daytimes and work hours with pedestrians. There are specific laws in the U.S. that help pedestrians right of way over vehicles on marked junctions. Due to various reasons–including reckless driving and making wrong turns, more than 7,000 pedestrians lost their lives in 2020 to roadside accidents. 

Some of these negligent incidents caused severe injuries to the side walkers. Pedestrians can claim damage control from insurance companies and jurisdictions. Personal injury lawyers can provide required legal advice to clients and represent them. 

Accident attorneys also help clients recover any physical, financial, or physiological damage caused by the negligence of the driver caused the incident. They provide reassurance and a course of action to deal with the person accountable. 

The Course of Action in Terms of a Pedestrian Accident 

In terms of a motor vehicle or any other negligent incidents, the first course of action is to provide necessary medical care to the injured. Personal Injury Attornies in Yakima suggested that when it happens, you must call the authorities and gather witnesses as soon as you can. 

This is because the person responsible for the accident might try to blame you for Jaywalking or breaking any regulations. It would also be best to get a legal representative. These lawyers work in tort law which ensures compensation to the victim, including intentional and unintentional acts by the accountable. 

These accident attorneys establish how you can lay a claim for insurance compensation and work in the victim’s favor to ensure justice is served. 

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Reasons for a Pedestrian Accident 

With many pedestrians using sidewalks as a mode of commute daily, unfortunately, roadside accidents happen. You can prevent pedestrian accidents by exercising caution and abiding by the rules. 

Some of the causes of pedestrian accidents are as follows. 

One of the biggest causes of roadside accidents leaving pedestrians in fatal conditions or serious injuries is inattentive drivers. These drivers are mostly. 

  • Texting or Listening to phone calls 
  • Looking for directions 
  • Listening to music on a high volume 
  • Not keeping eyes on the road at all times 

In case of an accident, accident lawyers ensure that the plaintiff is refunded with damages. These damages can include medical charges, mental damage, and loss of wages. 

  • Driving Under the Influence

Impaired drivers pose a severe threat to side walkers and cross walkers. Drivers under the influence of drugs and alcohol are restricted from driving. These drivers have defective senses under the influence and can jump pedestrians, making them lose lives or cause serious harm. 

Sometimes truck drivers, bus drivers, or even car drivers do not pay attention If they are crossing the speed limit provided for that area. This mainly results in them losing control over the vehicle. If a  pedestrian tries to pass through the crosswalk, speeding drivers not pulling on breaks on time result in an accident. 

These drivers are seriously charged according to law and must fulfill the compensation criteria. Establishments must provide primary education on traffic rules and driving under regulations for commercial drivers to avoid collisions. 

Negligence to pull off a break when needed may result in people losing lives and significant injuries—reckless driving significantly damages the side walkers. Lack of experience in driving is also a big problem as the drivers do not have proper road sense and pose a serious threat to pedestrians. 

  • No Consideration for Right-of-Way for Pedestrians

According to law, the drivers are expected to yield the right of way for pedestrians on marked crosswalks and junctions. Inability to do so or lack of knowledge about this law might result in pedestrians getting injured. 

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Personal Injury Lawyers in Yakima can file a lawsuit to protect the victim’s legal right to compensation. An intimidating demand letter can be issued to the accountable and lead the case to win a verdict for the victim. 

Not having enough knowledge about roads and location know-how can result in drivers taking wrong turns and losing sight of people crossing the road. These unintentional accidents can result in people losing precious lives. 

  • Disobeying Traffic Rules 

According to studies, 65% of accidents occur because of disobeying traffic signals and other rules. Some adrenaline enthusiasts and naive drivers take breaking stop signs as a sport leading to severe damage. Some naive drivers break traffic laws, such as 

  • Breaking road signals 
  • Not coming to a halt on stop signs
  • Shifting lanes mid-ride
  • Giving false indicators

Due to these mistakes, many people have suffered severe physical and mental trauma. Accident attorneys file sentence cases against such drivers, which can be punishable by life. 

  • Ineffective Signaling When Required

Some pedestrian accidents happen because of ineffective signaling by the driver. The driver fails to give a proper signal when turning or trying to cross with speed, resulting in a collision. 

  • No Consideration of Bad Weather 

Driving in bad weather should be careful. Lack of structural protection puts pedestrians at risk in heavy rain, snow, or storm conditions. Wet roads make pulling on brakes hard and lose traction, which can kill people or sustain severe injuries. The victims can lay a claim for damage control by insurance coverage and file a case against the driver. 

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Faulty construction designs and lack of street sign support can lead to pedestrian accidents. Sometimes maintenance and construction companies are negligent towards keeping road safety under consideration leading to faulty pavement and turns. 

This can confuse drivers and pedestrians and lead to head-on collisions or severe harm to the driver and victim alike. 

  • Overtaking Without Lane Sense 

Some pedestrian accidents occur due to drivers who are in a hurry. These drivers deflect lanes in pursuit of overtaking the next vehicle to reduce their travel time. In this case, sometimes cross walkers come into the path, and crashes happen. 

This type of accident can be fatal for pedestrians. We can avoid this issue by providing the drivers with the necessary training and knowledge of traffic. 


Many pedestrian accidents happen because of distracted drivers and faulty road construction. Yakima Personal Injury attorneys play a significant role in representing roadside accident victims. They devise strategies to ensure the plaintiff gets total compensation for their damage as soon as possible. 

These litigators provide victim assurance and legal advice in cases of injuries. They are capable of demanding specific insurance demands to refund the sufferer. Bad weather and no traffic lights maintenance are also essential factors in pedestrian accidents. 

Drivers texting while driving, speeding, and lack of driver education play a huge role in causing accidents. Drivers and pedestrians must follow traffic rules to avoid mishaps leading to lifelong regret.