February 7, 2023

As it seems like the lockdown era is coming to an end, we’re all wondering how we can revamp our tired wardrobe and emerge into the world looking and feeling better than ever. Post-lockdown fashion is going to be bright and its shapes experimental, but always maintaining the same comfort that we’ve come to hold dear. We’re giving you insight into the latest trends to make sure you’re coming out of lockdown with all the fashion know-how.

Keeping it Comfy

It’s no secret that a year of lockdowns has left us feeling more than a little fond of our loungewear. So it should come as no surprise that even as the world starts to open up again, the emphasis on comfort remains the same. 

Whether you’re reluctant to leave behind your favourite joggers or the Nike leggings that maintain the same comfort no matter how many times you’ve washed them, you can rest assured that they’re here to stay – comfy clothes are something we’re never going back on! But overspending to feel comfortable? That’s a thing of the past. Make sure you use things like nike discount codes or second hand apps like depop or vinted to get your hands on your favourite brands for less. 

Open Backs

Fashion is moving away from the cliched options of flashing either the legs or the chest as the back is fast becoming the new sexy. The cowl neck trend of last year has been transformed into the cowl back, where the excess fabric teases the bottom of the lower back. You’d be right to think that the open back trend is bringing with it problems for wearing your traditional bra strap around your back, but with the free-the-nip movement showing no signs of retreat, no bra might just be the way to go.

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Bright blazers 

Spring fashion has already seen the arrival of bright, block-colour items on the shelves of high-street brands. Oversized blazers have become a cult-favourite in the past year, but after a year of lockdown, it seems the blazer is getting a makeover with a new vibrant colour palette. If that wasn’t radical enough, you can mix all those bright colours together in the same outfit. Sound over the top? Maybe, but we’re here for it. Pastel colours have dominated during springtime, but summer fashion will see brighter versions of those muted pastels – with the pastel pink set to become more neon, while green is the colour of the summer.


The cutout trend has been on the horizon for a while now, but this summer will see the peak of this quirky trend. Often spotted around the waist but also translating into asymmetric necklines or cleavage-teasing designs, cutouts are transforming the silhouettes of summer fashion staples. In contrast to the bright blazer trend, cutout pieces are usually made in an understated palette that lets the silhouette do the talking.

Wide Leg

It’s perhaps inevitable that after a year wearing oversized fits, the skinny trouser doesn’t hold the same appeal that it once did. Trousers and jeans this summer are staunchly wide-leg and while they won’t be quite as comfortable as your tracksuit bottoms, this relaxed fit is a stepping stone into more formal styling.

Fashion Face Masks

Who could forget the essential accessory in the post-lockdown era? Whether it’s dark and mysterious or handmade and adorable, the facemask is yet another opportunity to extend your style. Facemasks that match your outfit (pattern or colour) have become popular this spring, but as facemasks are likely to be part of our lives for a while longer, fashion is going to have to keep re-inventing the facemask. Mask chains are fast becoming the must-have face mask accessory, coming in many varieties but most often in the form of a gold chain or glass beads. And if you think you might not get enough use out of the chain, don’t worry – it can always double up as a sunglasses chain.

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There’s no doubt that with the newly gained freedom of life after lockdown, fashion is going to be experimental and expressive. Whether you’re into the bold colours, new necklines, or the rebirth of the wide-leg trouser, it’s certain that these versatile trends provide the foundations for a memorable summer of fashion.