January 27, 2023

Not so long ago, the programming world was a complete mystery, and not so many people knew anything about programming or software development. And if we are entirely honest, for most people, it’s still a mystery and something that is extremely difficult to learn.


Be as it may, if you are a business owner in need of software experts, you don’t need to know everything about programming, but you have to know where to find the best ones to help you achieve your goals. And the best place is a global talent network like Adeva to help you scale fast and maintain your business growth.


But before you choose from the repertoire of many talented software developers, first, let’s see the top 5 programming languages and frameworks in 2022 to know what type of developers to look for in your business.


One of the main reasons why Python is one of the most famous programming languages is because it’s easy to learn for beginners and its readability level is excellent.


Furthermore, it’s free and open-source and has community development support and modules. And when you add the user-friendly data structures, smooth integration with web services, and GUI-based desktop apps, it’s not a surprise why Python rules the programming world. Also, it’s highly suitable for deep learning apps and machine learning.


In addition, this impressive programming language has a plethora of advantages while it is used for various development projects and many industries. It can be used to develop 3D animation packages, 2D imaging, and very popular video games. Furthermore, it’s also used for computational and scientific apps and even by famous sites such as Instagram, Quora, YouTube, and many more.

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So, if sites like these think it’s highly beneficial, it’s evident why hiring Python developers is an excellent choice.


Yet another extremely popular programming language in 2022 is JavaScript, which has managed to stay relevant even though it was created back in 1995. It is a dynamic prototype-based language that first became popular among front-end engineers but soon became a significant factor for web development.


JavaScript has been one of the most often used programming languages for quite some time now, and it seems like nothing will change this in the near and far future. It belongs to the core technologies together with CSS and HTML, and many sites have been made with JavaScript because this impressive language can create interactive web apps and web pages.


Last but not least, JS is also highly flexible and runs smoothly with its syntax, and this benefits the performance of products made with JavaScript, which is the ultimate goal of every software developer and client.



When it comes to PHP frameworks, Laravel is at the top of the industry. It was developed back in 2011 by Taylor Otwell, and it’s elegant, simple, and easily readable. This popular framework functions on the Model-View-Controller architectural model that uses PHP, and it has API support and various quality packages that can expand expectations and bring some impressive results.


There is also the fantastic Laravel online community that can help your dedicated Laravel developer find solutions to issues that might arise since developers from all over the world can help them. Furthermore, Laravel WordPress is also an option since it can be integrated with it, and there are many features such as server-side rendering and dependency injection.

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Also, hiring a Laravel developer brings you other fantastic benefits such as the innovative Blade template engine, effective ORM, high-level security, unique unit testing, and much more. Of course, in order to get the best out of all these features, you have to hire top-rated Laravel developers.


Believe it or not, React was developed by Facebook in order to fix code maintainability issues because of consistent additions of features in the application. It is one of the most straightforward frameworks to learn for software developers, and it’s open-source, standing out from the crowd since it has a virtual DOM, standing for Document Object Model. The DOM offers fantastic functionality, and it’s an excellent framework for developers who need to anticipate a lot of traffic and have to use a stable platform to handle this traffic continuously.


It is mainly recommended for projects that involve making single-page web apps and progressive web applications.


And some of the main benefits of using React include its reusability of components to collaborate and reuse in other parts of the app, its seamless performance with the virtual DOM, and the development tools which are advanced and highly useful, and allowing developers to write components without classes.


Programming Languages


Last on the list, but equally important, Java is considered by many the most powerful programming language used in more than three billion devices. Yes, you read that right, so if you want to hire a Java developer, you won’t make a mistake; in fact, you will provide your company with many benefits.

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Its usage ranges from web development, desktop applications, mobile apps, cloud apps, artificial intelligence, and many more. Java delivers incredible global recognition because of its growth opportunities, and it is considered one of the most secure programming languages all over the globe.


Java’s advantages include object-oriented programming and platform independence, while it enhances performance, security, and productivity. It’s not a surprise why some of the most famous companies, such as Instagram, Flipkart, and Adobe, among many others, work on Java. Therefore, hiring Java developers is also an excellent way to achieve your desired goals.

Final Words

Now you know what type of software developers and engineers to look for on the global market. These are some programming languages and frameworks that are at the top of the game, but don’t forget that they won’t do the job by themselves; you need top-rated developers.


Please don’t waste any more time and start hiring right now via a global talent network since there you can find the most technically equipped developers who also have excellent soft skills!