February 4, 2023

Chaos in Canberra as climate protesters storm Parliament House and SING ‘Whose side are you on?’ on the steps of the foyer – before being towed away by the police

Radical climate activists stormed Parliament House and sang a protest song on the foyer steps.

Dozens of young protesters from the Tomorrow Movement cram on the marble stairs early Monday afternoon until police drag them away.

“Whose side are you on?” they shouted repeatedly and seemed to ask politicians if they were representing the people or big business.

Dozens of young protesters from the Tomorrow Movement cram on the marble steps of Parliament House early Monday afternoon until police drag them away

‘History will remember, which side are you on? Are you standing next to us or the wealthy?’ they continued.

The sudden, loud protest caused chaos just as police and security prepared for Governor General David Hurley’s arrival to open parliament.

“Police have stopped young people who have traveled to Canberra from sharing their stories in parliament. Labor must listen to the community and provide real solutions to the climate, jobs and housing crisis,” the group said.

“History will remember you, Albo.

“Our votes were not allowed in the building today. But do you want to listen to the youth who need so much more than weak targets? We need a real plan to tackle the climate, jobs and housing crisis.

Outside, another 100 protesters were joined by Greens MPs to demand that Prime Minister Anthony Albanese’s government do more to tackle climate change.

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Senators Peter Whish-Wilson, Mehreen Faruqi and Jordan Steele-John spoke to the protesters and Senator Whish-Wilson delivered a speech in support.

‘Fires, crops destroyed by floods and families still living on ovals. That’s the cost of living with climate inaction,” he said.

Senator Faruqi added: “Young people are showing the rest of us through action how to secure their future and resist the politicians who are trying to destroy it.”