February 4, 2023

Learning to drive can be fulfilling and rewarding. You won’t have to ask your parents to drive you places or hitch rides with your friends. Here are tips to help you learn to drive faster if you’re in a teen driving school.

Understand Different Car Layouts

Research car features and their functions. While cars are different, here are parts any vehicle will have:

  • Steering wheel
  • Mirrors
  • Indicators and lights
  • Dashboard panel
  • Accelerator pedal
  • Brake pedal

Depending on the car brand and model, you’ll find most of these features in different locations. If you already know which car you’ll be driving, familiarize yourself with where these main features will be located. You could also benefit from researching and practicing the differences between manual and automatic cars. You never know when you’ll need to drive a stick shift.

Don’t ignore your instructor when they’re explaining the basics of auto mechanics. Every driver should know how to jump a battery, change a tire, and add oil to the car. This helps you stay in control in common situations, preventing unnecessary emergencies.

Listen to Your Instructor

Many teens have already learned a bit about driving from their parents before ever entering an official driving school. If this is the case for you, don’t assume you already know everything there’s to know. Your parents may have left out crucial details when teaching you.

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Your instructor will be one of your best resources for learning all the correct rules of the road. They’ll fill information gaps and differentiate poor driving behaviors from the proper ones. This can prevent you from getting tickets and can reduce the possibility of accidents.

Review Road Safety Rules

After taking a driver’s education course, you’ll have to sit down at the local DMV to take a written assessment. This is a way for the state to determine whether you understand road rules. Since some of these questions can be confusing, brush up on whatever you learn at the end of every class. Pay particular attention to the following:

  • Rules relating to pedestrians and cyclists on the road
  • Rules regarding school buses and emergency vehicles
  • Overtaking rules
  • Different types of roads and their speed limits
  • What to do when pulled over by a cop

Review the different road and traffic sign rules, as they’ll be on your test. Don’t forget to go over basic rules regarding seatbelts, hitchhikers, and kids in the car. Driving schools are thorough when teaching road rules to keep you safe. As long as you review the material, you’ll be all set to ace the written exam.

Wear Appropriate Clothing

Wear comfortable clothes and shoes for your practical driving lessons. Avoid wearing heels, cleats, or sandals as they may prevent you from accelerating and braking naturally. While modern cars may contain features that make driving in different shoes easier, you’ll perform best if you wear comfortable, close-toed, flat-soled shoes.

You should wear loose clothes during your driving lessons. This way, you won’t have a hard time turning your body when reversing or checking blind spots. You’ll learn and achieve more if you prioritize comfort over fashion trends when driving.

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Bring What You Need

Your learner license and driver logbook are must-haves during your lessons. Carrying your permit during lessons is a legal requirement, and the logbook helps instructors track your progress.

If you must carry your phone, turn it off during your lesson. It may take your attention away from the class or the road. Practice not using your phone as you learn to drive to have an easier time driving in the future.


Driving isn’t as challenging as you may imagine it to be. Your instructor will take you through everything there’s to know before you get started.

Don’t look for ways to impress your instructor or other students when learning. Nobody expects you to be a professional driver when in driving school. The first few lessons will involve going over basic topics like car parts; relax and let your instructor take charge. They are an expert on driving and can help you become a confident, safe driver.

Starting Teen Driving School

Learning to drive is a great way to achieve traveling convenience and freedom. You’re on the right track if you’ve enrolled in a teen driving school, as you’ll learn how to drive safely. Follow the tips discussed in this article to make the learning process easier and get your license faster.