January 31, 2023

Rogers is a beautiful city around the northwest side of Arkansas. This place is one of the most developed cities in the metro cities. Rogers is home to the first Walmart store as this retail giant can be found in Bentonville.

This city is surrounded by the majestic Ozark mountains and other healthy heritage of Native America. Those who want to move to Rogers Ar, are assured of staying in a city that offers great comfort and an improved standard of living.

If you are thinking of moving to Rogers Ar, here are some vital things to consider.

Perks of moving to Rogers, Ar

Irrespective of the reason for leaving the city you are in, using a reliable moving company is important. A reputable moving company, movers Rogers Ar offers people the affordable way to move to another city in Arkansas. However, you need to understand that moving to Rogers comes with many benefits. These are :

Lots of Entertainment 

This city boasts a plethora of entertainment options. It doesn’t matter if you are an introvert or an extrovert, you will find your taste. If you check the Eastern side of Rogers, there are numerous outdoor places like Beaver Lake, hiking trails, mountain bikes and a host of golf courses. 

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If you are the outgoing type, there are many trendy places to visit in the city and they include, top golf, a music pavilion, a hills promenade and a host of bars.

Central location

Another benefit of moving to Rogers Ar is that it is the center of Arkansas. Anybody working in Bentonville can live in Rogers because of ease of movement. It takes around 8-14 minutes to move to most counties from Rogers.

Standard of living

Most people who move from one city to another want to enjoy more job opportunities and a better standard of living. Rogers is one of the most affordable cities in Arkansas. 

The homes around the Western and Eastern sides of Rivers offer good rates and there are newer homes around the West Pinnacle hills. Foodstuffs and tax rates are things an average citizen moving to Rogers Ar can afford without breaking a sweat.

A chain of food outlets

There are many interesting choices when it comes to restaurants and fast food centers in Rogers. There are several Latin and Mexican restaurants around the NorthEast Side of the city. Many of these restaurants are locally owned and offer great meals and drinks

What you should be aware of before moving to Rogers Ar

No alcohol on Sunday

One major con of living in Rogers Ar is that you can’t get an alcoholic drink on Sunday. Alcohol stores are always closed these days, however, you can visit the bars, and clubs in the afternoon to get a drink. You could also consider buying a beer or Vodka on Saturday and keep it in your home.

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Less development around the downtown area

Another major con of moving to Rogers is that there is minimal development around the downtown side of the area. These areas aren’t as developed as Bentonville and Fayetteville. However, there has been fast-paced construction going on in the area this year. In months to come, expect much development from the area.

Traffic gridlock

Another con about moving to Rogers Ar is that traffic can be tough, especially during the week. If you are moving from the westside pinnacle hills to surrounding areas, you could use about 30 minutes from Monday through Thursday.

Places to visit in Rogers Ar

When you move to Rogers Ar, here are some interesting places to see:

Rogers Historical Museum

One major place to visit when living in Rogers is the iconic Rodgers museum. This place was created in 1974 to tell people the rich history of the city. This museum contains memorabilia, artifacts and arts as it relates to Arkansas. Regularly, they host an open event that talks about several topics on Roger’s history.

Daisy Airgun Museum

If you are seeking a location in Rogers, Arkansas where you can have all history at your fingertips, it’s Daisy. This place shows many product lines and materials from decades again.

Old Chicago Pizza and Taproom

There are several local microbreweries in Rodgers with the best being the Old Chicago Pizza and Taproom. They have good staff who will show you and your friends around the Brewery and how beers are made. You could also check the core brewing company and Foster pint which offer similar brewery services.

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Rodgers aquatic center

This is an excellent aquatic center which spans acres of land in the city. When you are seeking a place to have fun and relax in Rogers Ar, then visit the place. This place has many basketball courts, swimming pools and therapeutic facilities. When visiting with kids, there is a 40-foot slide where they can play around.


There are many reasons to move to Rogers Ar, some of which include lower taxes, good job opportunities and many trendy places. Using the right moving company is your best choice when moving to Rogers in Arkansas.