March 25, 2023

An undercover video of an alleged Pfizer executive expressing concern about the effect of the Covid shot on menstrual cycles went viral last night.

Jordon Trishton Walker – who was reportedly a senior staffer in Pfizer’s research and development division – was caught on film admitting it was “disturbing” that “something irregular” happened to women’s periods after they received the vaccine from the company had.

“The vaccine shouldn’t affect that… It has to affect something hormonal,” he told an undercover reporter for the right-wing activist group Project Veritas.

The video was trending on Twitter last night under the hashtag “Pfertility” and had 6 million views at the time of writing. Many commentators, including Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene, expressed concern about the jabs’ impact on fertility.

There has long been a fear among women that because of the novelty of the vaccine and mRNA technology and the observable changes it has in the menstrual cycle, it could cause infertility.

But while the Covid vaccine is widely believed to cause some menstrual irregularities, there’s nothing to indicate that it affects women’s chances of getting pregnant. In 2021, birth rates in America and the UK will actually increase.

Jordon Trishton Walker (pictured) is reportedly a Pfizer employee who revealed to Project Veritas his concerns about the Covid vaccines causing fertility and menstrual cycle problems in some women who have received it

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There is no confirmation that Mr. Walker (pictured) works at Pfizer, but a statement released by the company last week did not deny that he was an employee

This is the second video Project Veritas has released of their sting operation targeting Trishton Walker.

“There is something irregular about their menstrual cycle. So people will have to look into that later — because that’s a little bit concerning,” he told the reporter.

“If you think about the science, it shouldn’t interact with (glands responsible for hormones). The vaccine shouldn’t affect that, so we don’t know exactly.’

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He added: “Something happens, but we don’t always find out.”

After a break from the video, he continued, “I hope we don’t find out that the mRNA somehow gets stuck in the body because it has to be affecting something hormonal to affect the menstrual cycle.” approached Pfizer again this morning about the claims in the video, but got no response. This website has contacted the pharmaceutical giant more than six times in the past week about the Project Veritas story.

Previous research has confirmed that the Covid vaccines can temporarily affect a woman’s menstrual cycle.

A study from early 2022 funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and conducted by researchers at Oregon Health & Science University found that, on average, women who received the vaccine menstruated one day longer than normal.

While these changes may spark fear in some cases, officials are not warning of any long-term harm.

The study included nearly 4,000 American women, 2,400 of whom had been vaccinated.

More than half of the vaccinated study population received the injection from Pfizer, while the rest received the Moderna or Johnson & Johnson vaccines.

The change was also temporary, and women’s periods returned to normal the following month.

“It’s reassuring that the study found only a small, temporary menstrual change in women,” Dr. Diane Bianchi, director of the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development — part of the NIH, said at the time.

An investigation published in September 2022also funded by the NIH, came to similar conclusions.

The much larger study collected data from nearly 20,000 women in the US, UK and Canada.

Women who received the vaccine had their menstrual cycles extended by less than a day after the first shot and by about half a day after the second shot.

Cycles were back to normal in the affected women by the following month.

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Both Pfizer’s and Moderna’s vaccines have also been linked to heavy bleeding during menstruation, although no long-term harm is believed to be associated with them.

Experts aren’t sure why this happens. Some believe that the vaccine causes part of the body’s tissue to become inflamed, changing the lining of the uterus and altering hormone levels throughout the body.

But there are no established links between the vaccine and infertility, even though theories claiming this have circulated on social media.

One of the main claims on social media is that the spike protein formed by the mRNA can enter the uterus and attack proteins in a woman’s placenta.

As a result, conspirators say, the unborn child will miscarry.

Experts have dismissed these claims, saying there is no reason for this to happen.

Still, many women fear that the vaccine could cause infertility. A Study from the University of Miami published last year found that 41 percent of unvaccinated women feared the shot could harm their reproductive health.

Pfizer’s vaccine, a joint project with German firm BioNTech, is the most widely used vaccine in the US and much of the Western world.

According to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the vaccine has been administered 400 million times to more than 100 million Americans.

Early fertility data in the US show no signs the vaccine has done any harm.

When the vaccines were first rolled out, the CDC initially did not recommend them to pregnant women due to a lack of available data proving their safety.

However, this changed towards the end of 2021 when data from Israel and across Europe showed that the injections were safe for pregnant women and their unborn children.

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Utah and North Dakota are the most fertile states in America, the only ones where more than 13 births were recorded for every 1,000 elderly women giving birth. The states with the lowest overall fertility rates were concentrated in the Northeast region

The CDC revealed earlier this week that America’s fertility rate is up one percent in 2021 — the first year the vaccine was available.

It was the first year since 2014 that the number of American-born children increased on an annual basis.

However, many of these babies were conceived in 2020, before the injection became available.

Population data years later will be needed to determine if there is any evidence to link the vaccines to infertility.

There are also questions about whether Mr. Trishton Walker works at Pfizer and what his role is at the company.

The first Project Veritas video sparked a frenzy on social media last week, with Mr Walker claiming that Pfizer mutated the virus in a lab to prevent new variants.

On Friday night, Pfizer quietly issued a press release denying these claims, but did not deny that Mr. Walker was employed by Pfizer. determined last week that an email for Jordon Walker is active at the company, implying someone by that name works for the New York City-based company.

A position titled Director, Research and Development and mRNA Scientific Strategy also exists at the company, similar to the title Mr. Walker would hold.

The description posted last October suggests that the role is primarily related to business development and not science experimentation.

When asked by, a Project Veritas spokesperson said the company had independently confirmed Mr. Walker’s employment with Pfizer, but had not received a response from the company after multiple inquiries.