January 31, 2023

You have guests coming over, and you want a tasty roast on the table, or you’ve already made the dough for Sunday’s pie – but the oven won’t heat up. You can call an oven repairman or try to solve the problem yourself.

If the oven no longer heats properly, this can have various causes. Therefore, the first thing you need to do is troubleshoot. Check the following:

  1. First of all, clean the oven If, for example, there is dirt on the heating element, it may cause the oven to stop heating properly.

Residual grease on the hinges also impairs the performance of the appliance. Therefore, remove any encrustations and dirt on the heating coils and perform basic cleaning.

  1. Check if the oven light is working properly or if the contact may be A malfunction can cause energy leakage and affect heating

efficiency. Replace if necessary. Check the lamp cover and lamp socket during operation. A broken lamp socket will cause a broken circuit.

  1. Inspect the gasket on the oven door. If it is porous, the door will not close properly, and heat will escape from the inside. Gaskets that are too loose will push you back into the channel. With a little skill, you can replace a broken gasket Using the model number, you can

reorder them online.

How Do You Find Out Whether the Oven Reaches the Set Temperature?

A simple trick will help you do that. White sugar caramelizes at 186° C.

  • Take two small aluminum foil bowls and preheat the oven to 180°
  • Put about three tablespoons of sugar in both small bowls and put one of them in the oven.
  • After fifteen minutes, remove it and continue heating the oven to 190 °
  • Now put the second small bowl with sugar in it for 15 minutes.
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If the heating is accurate, the sugar should now be white in one bowl and brownish and melted in the other. If it is not, the oven is either not hot enough (both bowls white) or too hot (both bowls brown).

What to Do if the Oven Does Not Heat at All?

The oven does not work – again, it is often possible to solve the problem yourself.

  • Is there a problem with the power supply? Check if the cable is plugged incorrectly or if there has been a power failure. You can check if a fuse has blown out or is defective in the distribution box.
  • Reset the clock. One of the most common causes of a malfunctioning oven is problems with the clock. If the set time was adjusted accidentally or due to a brief power outage, the oven might stop


  • Reset the oven to the factory This is usually done with the help of a key combination, which you can find in the operating instructions of your device.
  • Is the childproof lockset? Cancel it.
  • Bent hinges can cause faulty contacts, which prevent the oven from

Oven No Longer Heats – Other Possible Causes

If the furnace has stopped heating, there may be a number of other causes:

  • The most common defect is a broken over-temperature fuse. It prevents the oven from overheating. If it is defective, it prevents the oven from heating up.
  • Also common is a defect in the This is the regulator for setting the temperature.
  • In addition, you can often find damage to the socket of the oven lamp, function switches, the circulating air fan, or heating elements.
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Damage of this type should not be repaired by yourself. With the proper

measuring devices, a technician can quickly find out what the problem is. In all these cases, the defects are rather small, for which an oven repair can be quite worthwhile. A no-obligation estimate will save you from expensive surprises.