January 27, 2023

This article highlights the most significant changes to online entertainment that have happened recently or are expected to happen in the short to medium term. These are the latest changes and updates to online entertainment and will totally change the manner in which we are entertained.

Virtual events and shows

The rise of the virtual event or show has been a leftover from the Covid experience, and there are now so many shows, music events, and tours that have taken to the virtual world and are there to stay. It is not necessarily a totally new initiative, in that the virtual experience has been used to advertise and for marketing of travel experiences and trips as well as virtual house tours for real estate. However, the good news is that these have now become a mainstay of online entertainment. There are more music concerts, museum tours, and even entire city tours that are now possible in a virtual realm, as long as you have the technology and the time, it is now possible to experience, travel, music, sports, and parties, just as we perfected the teams’ office meeting so too will we be able to use the virtual world for entertainment.

The rise of the online casino

The online casino had seen a huge boom over the last decade, and with this, there were a number of illegitimate sites that sprung up. This has changed in recent times, and there is now a much more streamlined process for registration and showing legitimacy. Whether you’re now looking for online pokies for real money in Australia or for the latest table casino game modeled on those in the casino capitals of the world like Vegas and Macau, there will be reviews and recommendations as well as the licensing and reiteration that will show legitimacy. These are the reasons the sector continues to grow and expand but in a much more controlled and safer manner.

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Growth of e-sport broadcasting

It is simple, the excitement, prize money, and pure adrenaline linked to this genre of online competitive gaming have taken us all by surprise. The 2021 Dota2 World Championship first prize was $18.2 million, and with global audiences expected to surpass ½ a billion people in 2022, there was no way that this revolution could go untelevised. E-sports are the fastest growing phenomenon in the online space and is expected to continue to grow over the next decade.

These three changes to how online entertainment is provided and the nature of such entertainment have been interesting phenomena to follow. They have each begun to peak in popularity, and yet, if the smart mobile device numbers continue to increase across the globe, then so too will the number of people accessing the three forms of entertainment, as detailed here. We as a society have reached a stage where the type of entertainment that we access is determined by the tech we have access to and our knowledge of what’s available in the online entertainment space.