February 9, 2023

Wait, is it already the end of another summer? This is what happens every year – summer goes by so quickly that you can’t help but wonder – what did I do during those three months? And while for every person summer means something else – after all, not all of us are fans of camping or summer music festivals – chances are, we all have our phones filled with amazing photos that let you revive the best moments you’ve had this summer. These are memories to be cherished forever – and you’ll need something more than a phone to give justice to every memory and every picture.

One great way to preserve these memories is printing them out and displaying around your home (or maybe even workspace if your company allows it). These days, almost everyone has some wall décor at home and there is no reason why you shouldn’t substitute mass-produced prints with unique features that tell your story. There is an abundance of print formats – from photo canvas to prints on acrylic glass, wood panels and even special hardened foam, from classic photo books to quirky photo garlands, embellished with lights… you can be sure to find a perfect way to show off your photos and relive those happy summer vibes over and over.

In this article we’ll discuss some of the best ways to give life in print to your summer pictures.

Let’s have a look.

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1. Canvas Prints

Let’s not start with regular prints and frames. Let’s start instead with a print format that has been around for decades but still remains somewhat of a hidden gem in wall art. We’re, of course, talking about canvas prints – an artistic print format that lets you display your digital photos as if they were genuine artworks.

Canvas prints see your photos printed on a piece of canvas fabrics that is usually stretched over inner wood frame (this depends on a provider; we suggest choosing pre-stretched canvas prints to avoid messy and difficult DIY works. You can find wrapped photo canvas at CANVASDISCOUNT.com, for example). So why choose canvas for photo printing? 

First, canvas prints simply look more original than more well-known print formats. Canvas prints effortlessly fit into any interior design scheme because of their borderless design and smooth, subtle surface texture, allowing you to decorate without being concerned about the final look. Second, photo canvas come in various sizes, from miniature to truly majestic and can be displayed as standalone pieces or integrated into diverse gallery walls. And last but not least they are one of the most affordable wall art formats around – if you choose a reliable discount provider, you can have your canvas starting from just $5!

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2. Standing Frames

OK, you already understood that photo canvases are our favorites. But let’s not forget about other options too. Another great way to keep your summer memories alive is by printing them out and framing them. This is an excellent option for photos you want to display in office, where sprucing up bare walls with personalized wall art might not be an option. You can find reasonably priced frames at most retail stores. If you want something more unique, try looking for frames at antique stores or thrift shops.

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3. Photo Wall Hanging

Looking for a boho-inspired photo display? Then nothing will work better than a photo wall hanging. All you need for this arrangement is some string, clothespins, and a bunch of your favorite photos. Note though, that you’ll need to fix the string on the wall one way or another. If you don’t feel comfortable with tools or if your landlord strictly forbids drilling the walls, you may want to look for another solution.


4. Make a Collage with your Pictures

Let’s face it, if you want to print all cool summer pictures to display on the walls, you’ll soon run out of space (and probably money too). But printing just one summer photo can feel underwhelming, right? So why not organize your best summer photos into a photo collage and display many photos in one print? There are many online collage creators available, and many printing services often offer their own collage builders with pre-made templates. Just upload your photos, choose a template and drag and drop photos into place. You can also add text, embellishments, and frames.

If you prefer the analog method, gather the physical copies of your photos and lay them out on a flat surface, for example, on a cardboard piece. Grab some tape or glue and start adhering your photos in rows and columns until they’re all in place.

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5. Create a Photo Book

Another great way to preserve your summer memories is by creating a photo book. With a photo book, you can tell the story of your summer in chronological order. You can even create a photo book for every summer (or every year). A photo book is a sophisticated cousin of a classic photo album. It lets you experiment with different designs for every page of the book, add texts and additional design features and tell your photo story in a way that is more creative and unique than a photo album ever could.

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Are You Ready to Start Your Photo Project?

Summer is a time for making memories. There are plenty of moments worth capturing, from lazy days spent lounging by the pool to road trips with friends. But as any photographer will tell you, taking great photos is only half the battle. You also need to find a way to preserve your images to look back on them for years to come.

So make sure to print your best photos and use them in your home décor scheme. It’s a special way to make your home uniquely yours and celebrate all those amazing summer moments you’ve had.