January 27, 2023

It is always a lot of fun to host people for a BBQ or other gathering with a theme in mind. Having a purpose for being there is going to make it much more interesting and lowers the possibility of things getting a bit boring. One way that you can spice things up and make them more interesting is to host a fantasy sports draft party. 

Fantasy sports are something that most people are doing these days even when they aren’t sports fans. This means that it will be easy to convince people to come over for the party since chances are they are already planning on joining a league. In this article, we will go over what it takes to host a successful draft party.

1 – Time it right

A successful draft needs to take place sometime before the league actually starts up. However, too far in advance is not going to work either. Injuries can happen or people get signed to the team closer to the start of the season, for instance. If you do things too far back then the owners will miss out on some players. 

Try to have the party happen a few days before the league starts officially at the earliest. Check out the schedule for the league of the sport you think people would be most interested in. Then, have them over with the plan to be there for a few hours to research and do the draft. 

There are also daily leagues that happen every day in which the season begins and ends on the same day. You can host a party at any time during the season if you decide to do a daily league draft. It can be tricky to time it right since people will need to research with Stokastic DFS, have time to pick players, and still enjoy the food and party atmosphere. 

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2 – Feed them finger foods

When people are trying to multitask at the draft party it will be inconvenient for them to sit down for a meal. Having to cut a steak and eat while also looking at a laptop and choosing a player is not going to work.

What will work is offering foods that can be grabbed and eaten with one hand in just a couple of bites. Think of small sandwiches as an example, or something that can be eaten with a toothpick

3 – Plan frequent breaks

There will be times when people aren’t able to eat or drink or even to be merry during the draft. They are doing research and trying to plan things out and may not have much time.

Make sure to plan several breaks during the course of the draft so people can relax and socialize without worrying about missing the action. Taking a 15-minute break every hour is a good pace to try to maintain. This will give them a chance to turn their brains off and loosen up a bit.