February 3, 2023

Terrifying moment as huge hail storm smashes car window in Canada as people scramble inside for cover


Horrifying footage shows the moment drivers on a major highway in Canada were shot at on Monday with golf ball-sized hail. Gibran Marquez was driving with two others on a highway in central Alberta when the trio had to stop because their vehicle was hit by hail.

Marquez posted the video of the storm to Twitter showing passengers stopping and ducking on the highway as hail chunks shattered the car windows. The video was captioned: ‘Last night 5km (3 miles) south of the gas line, horrible 17 minutes when it showed the car windows shattering as hail hit the surface. “Put the backpack on your left,” you hear Marquez say as he passes the bag to the driver as a shield against the smashing windows. The driver protects a female passenger from the shattering windshield in his arms as hail passes through the window cracks. Hearing people screaming outside as the storm continues.

Coincidentally, the weather on Monday in some parts of Alberta was a high of 80 F and a low of 56 F, according to The Weather Channel. Marquez posted another video of the moments when the hail started hitting the car. “Oh my god,” the female passenger screams as hail balls slowly begin to break the windshield. depicted; The sky moments before the storm.

The car Marquez was driving was pinned to the side of the road with yellow warning tape. Marquez shared photos as the storm passed as some drivers returned to the highway with some untouched. Following the storm, Alberta Emergency Alert issued a Tornado Warning on Monday that is no longer effective. Grapefruit-sized hail has been reported in some parts of Alberta. The NHP Field Project captured a photo of one of the hailballs near a ruler.

Meanwhile, another passenger driving in Alberta in the town of Markerville also showed off a piece of hail she picked up from the storm. “I can’t agree,” Mhairi wrote on Twitter. ‘In a panic, I took this without properly inserting it into the ruler. Tennis balls when it was NW of Markerville 5:50 PM. They are still coming down. Stay out.’ Users took to Twitter and shared photos of their experiences using the hashtag ‘abstorm’.

A storm chaser, TL Carmody, shared a photo of the family’s car being thrashed in the middle of the hail storm. ‘Meet a very shocked family at’ [the] McDonald’s in Innisfail that got caught in the hail,” TL Carmody wrote. “Everyone is fine, and they were very nice to let me take pictures.” Carmody posted the photo of the red vehicle dented and shattered by the huge ice blocks.