February 7, 2023

British swimmer James Wilby has taken gold in the 100m breaststroke, teammate and favorite Adam Peaty to the title.

Wilby, who took silver in the 200m breaststroke final, was a surprise winner at the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham on Sunday night.

Peaty, 27, hadn’t lost at the event since 2015, but has recently returned from injury and was not ideally prepared to enter the event.

Swimmer James Wilby has won gold in the Commonwealth Games 100m breaststroke

Wilby defeated Team GB teammate and big favorite Adam Peaty (above) to the title on Sunday

Peaty, who hadn’t lost at the event since 2015, gave Wilby a sporty hug after the event

Wilby said, ‘Yeah, I mean I love racing and racing next to him (Peaty) is always so much fun. Tonight I was able to run my race as best I could. In the end we are both great racers, we all know what Adam is capable of.

“We will both come back to race again and race against each other and it will always be exciting. But that one was really fun.

“(Sports is about) taking your chances and racing at night the best you can. I’m so happy about that, so excited. There is more to come, there are always more races.’

Australian Zac Stubblety-Cook took the silver medal with compatriot Sam Williamson taking bronze.

Australian Zac Stubblety-Cook was second with compatriot Sam Williamson who took bronze

Peaty said: ‘Yeah, when it comes to the race, sometimes things don’t go to plan. I was sore from the 50m but you know that’s a lack of training, a lack of racing… it is what it is. I can’t think about it.

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“I’m a fighter and sometimes you have to have these moments to keep fighting. Always learning. This is a really huge moment for me because I’m at a point in my career where you choose to carry on or carry on or whatever…

“I know this will probably be my last Commonwealth Games, so it’s great. Wilby had a great race. I was a lot slower than yesterday, it was just a bad race.’

When asked if reaching the Paris Olympics was his next goal, he added: “Yes, of course. The next two years are going to be huge – how we attack that now, I don’t know… it’s back to the drawing board and back to training.”