February 9, 2023

Plastic surgery addict Mary Magdalene made headlines in June after she was thrown off an American Airlines flight for “appearing intoxicated” on board.

And this week, the social media star returned to American Airlines for the first time since the incident to catch a flight from Canada to Los Angeles.

Before catching her flight, the 30-year-old was seen sitting alone at the airport bar.

Social media star Mary Magdalene returned to American Airlines this week, two months after being thrown off one of their flights for ‘appearing intoxicated’

Later on, she did some duty-free shopping, flipping through some colorful printed tops and accessories to get back to the terminal.

Mary was hard to miss at the airport, wearing a busty sports bra that could barely contain her huge cleavage.

The bra resembled the one she wore when she was kicked off her American Airlines flight in early June.

At the time, she claimed the reason behind the startup was because she looked “too explicit” in the reveal top.

Before catching her flight, the 30-year-old was seen sitting alone in the airport bar

But sources close to American Airlines told TMZ at the time that Mary “appeared to be intoxicated” and “sat in different seats before takeoff,” which resulted in her being removed.

TMZ also obtained footage of Mary exiting an airport restroom before her flight with a large orange drink in her hand, but it’s unclear whether the drink contained alcohol or not.

The Canadian model, who was in Los Angeles at the time to celebrate her birthday, responded in a series of videos and posts to the TMZ report.

The voluptuous model was fixated on some of the colorful prints in the store

“Why shouldn’t I be drunk now, it’s my birthday weekend, girl bye,” she wrote.

“Why would the airline say, ‘Oh yes, I kicked her out for discrimination.” That’s illegal. The f**k. So I don’t care what they say,” Mary told fans in a video.

“If I was chatting or making a scene or acting like crazy, I get it. I got warnings for a reason, I was literally just… I got on the plane, the moment I got on the plane, I fell asleep.

“I was woken up by the lady who poked me and asked, ‘Oh, can we talk to you?’ And then they walked me out of the plane and I thought nothing of it.

“I’m like, ‘Why did I get kicked out?’ And then she says, “Oh, your headphones.” Which didn’t even make sense.’

Mary was hard to miss at the airport, wearing a busty sports bra that could barely contain her huge cleavage

The 30-year-old’s huge curves were visible from miles away

Mary then demanded that the airline “show the cameras on the plane” so people can see what really happened on board.

In another post, Mary said, “I may look fake, but one thing about me is that I’m as real as f**k. I have no reason to lie!! If I was a mess, I deserved to be kicked out. But I was literally minding my own business.’

“I was kicked out because of the way I look,” she raved to her thousands of followers.

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Please stop discriminating, this is disgusting. I feel so ashamed and dehumanized right now, you have no idea.’

Mary made headlines in June after being thrown off an American Airlines flight for ‘appearing intoxicated’ on board

She then shared a selfie she took aboard the flight, which showed her wearing wired headphones and a low-cut sports bra that could barely contain her extreme cleavage.

“Obviously she kicked me for that because I look too explicit, but that’s not legal, so she had to say it was because I was asleep and didn’t want to hear her,” she captioned the caption.

Mary rose to fame after undergoing surgery to get the world’s “thickest vagina.”

Shortly after being thrown off the plane, Mary posted this image and caption, full of typos

Over the years, her surgeries have included a brow lift, fat transfers, multiple nose and breast surgeries, veneers, liposuction, butt implants, porcelain veneers, and more.

Her breast implants are currently over 5000cc, making a combined weight of over 10kg.

Mary has already undergone three separate Brazilian buttlift procedures in addition to butt implants, and as a result, she was rejected by doctors for further work on her butt, which resulted in her having “under the table” silicone injections.

The model filmed herself posing and stroking in the bathroom mirror as airport workers and passengers walked in and out