February 7, 2023

In recent years, since the
electric scooter thundered into existence in 2017, the demand and usage of these micro-mobile devices have increased significantly in the succeeding years.

Because of its growing trend since it boomed in 2017, the Global Electric Scooter Market predicted that by 2016  the compact electric scooter market will reach USD 34.2 billion globally.

Even when the economic effects of the pandemic paralyzed most businesses, the e-scooter industry is able to thrive by offering a safe and convenient way for people to travel around the city.

Unfortunately, reported accidents and injuries related to e-scooters’ increase in usage have also increased. There were countless individuals that went to hospitals after being injured on a personal mobility device that also included electric scooters. Such was that the increasing reports of crashes and injuries deemed the e-scooters dangerous.

It was perhaps propitious that because of the potential risks and injuries involved in riding a lightweight electric scooter, riders gained awareness and thus, practiced caution, to the extent of getting insurance for themselves and their electric scooter as surety, in case an accident does happen.

Spain and Malta have required e-scooter riders to get insurance but there are other countries in many parts of the world that don’t require or enforce riders to have electric scooter insurance, since portable electric scooters are a new transportation device.

But here’s the perennial question:

Do you need insurance for an electric scooter? Or, do you even need one, in the first place?

If you are living in Australia, there are certain regions that require e-scooter riders to have electric scooter insurance, by law, so you need to apply for insurance. In South Australia, they recognize e-scooters as motor vehicles, so riders must have a license, registration, and insurance. To be sure of the e-scooter requirements and penalties, riders should check with the local transportation agency or city council regarding your city’s e-scooter laws.

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What kind of insurance do you need?

To date, it would seem that electric scooter laws appear to be not thoroughly and completely defined, so there is also a bit of ambiguity when it comes to matters of micro-mobility insurance.

As electric scooter laws are still being discussed and refined, once the e-scooter laws are clearly defined, there will be more insurance options for e-scooter riders.

There are a  number of insurance agencies that do offer packages specialized in e-scooter accidents and injuries. They offer coverage for injuries and damage to your e-scooter.  In case you don’t know where to get specialized insurance, your health insurance will also cover injuries incurred from e-scooter accidents. But make sure first that you have comprehensive health insurance.

Now, consider the pros and cons of getting electric scooter insurance. Listed here are a number of reasons why it will be beneficial for riders:

  1. (Get insurance for yourself) in case of an accident

The possibility of getting seriously injured in the case of a fall or crash is not unlikely, since electric scooters can ride up to speeds of 25 km/h in public and more so on private property.  You need to protect yourself from high medical costs by getting yourself insured.

  1. (Have insurance to) fix your damaged e-scooter

For your own peace of mind, having insurance for your electric scooter will help cover the cost of damage,  in case you need to have it repaired or replaced with a new one.

  1. (Be able to pay ) for an injured pedestrian or damaged property
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There are times when you unavoidably get into an accident that runs the risk of involving pedestrians and other riders on the footpath. Having the right insurance helps to cover costs if you cause injury to others, or damage property, whether it’s public or private. property.

  1. (Have insurance in case) your e-scooter is stolen

This is one big ‘must reason’ to get insurance. Stealing electric scooters are widespread. Why? Because they are easy to carry and run away with. Your e-scooter insurance will help cover costs should your electric scooter get filched or broken after being stolen.

So what’s it going to be for you? Insurance or nada?  Either way, it is still your decision. If you don’t want to get electric scooter insurance or are still undecided about it, then there’s one piece of advice you must heed and do to the letter, to prevent possible injuries and to avoid incurring costs due to damage and accidents. 

For your sake, ride safely and responsibly. Know your city’s electric scooter laws and follow the road rules. Despite these precautions, and you feel not so confident on the road, it is time to get the right insurance for protection – for you, and for your electric scooter.

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