February 9, 2023

mr. Jones and a varying cast of lawyers have worked for four years to delay a courtroom reckoning for his Sandy Hook falsehoods. He and key staffers have failed to appear for testimony, have been restrained from providing court-ordered financial information, and have submitted what the families’ lawyers say are falsified documents. Mr. Jones was repeatedly reprimanded by the courts and responded by attacking the proceedings and the families’ lawyers on his show, at one point calling for one of their heads to “put on a pike.”

Citing Mr. Jones’s disdain for the judicial process, late last year judges in Texas and Connecticut ruled that he was default liable in all Sandy Hook cases, giving the families an overwhelming victory. The trial juries will decide how much to award the families in damages and damages after the families’ lawyers provide them with a detailed picture of Mr Jones’s business model, finances and assets.

last week a Texas appeals court dismissed Mr. Jones’ request to delay payment of $1 million in penalties as a result of failing to appear for a statement in the Connecticut case earlier this year. While Mr. Jones’s attorneys told Connecticut Supreme Court Judge Barbara N. Bellis during a hearing that Mr. Jones was ill, he broadcast live from his studio, in an industrial park on Alvin Devane Boulevard here. Mr. Reynal, Mr. Jones’ attorney, argued that sanctions should wait for the juries to reach their verdict, which Mr. Jones will almost certainly challenge. The court ordered Mr. Jones to pay the $1 million immediately.

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It is not clear whether Mr. Jones will be called to testify in Texas, and if so, whether he will appear in person or via video link. But his efforts to protect his livelihood have continued. Mr. Jones has reached out to the Department of Justice to share what he knows about the January 6, 2021 Capitol riot in exchange for immunity from prosecution. An immunity deal has not materialized and appears unlikely, said two people familiar with Mr Jones’s offer at the time.

While avoiding the families seeking his testimony, Mr. Jones is in a pay-per-view movie about himself that will air in Texas during the trial. He has written a book that will be published two weeks before the start of the September trials.

In an online interview on Saturday with journalist Glenn Greenwald, Mr. Jones said Infowars is “90 percent accurate and 10 percent wrong.”

“I did this from a clean place,” he said, adding, “I didn’t lie to people on purpose.”