March 30, 2023

Good news for fans of Xenomorphs, because according to a fresh rumor a new AAA game is in development, based on the famous Alien movie franchise. At least if we use the website Insider Gaming may believe.

Insider Gaming claims to have received documents and concept art from sources who wish to remain anonymous. According to the papers, it is an AAA survival-horror project, codenamed ‘Marathon’. The game is slated to release in late 2023.

While Insider Gaming was unable to track down the studio, the title’s development is inspired by Dead Space and Resident Evil.

It is striking that this is not a sequel to Alien: Isolation, because according to the sources of the website, that game is already in development. After all, for that sequel, Creative Assembly would return, the studio behind the original game. Project ‘Marathon’ as described above is therefore a completely different project.

Of course, we should always be a bit wary of these kinds of rumors, especially since an Alien Isolation sequel and the new Project Marathon are very similar in description. Maybe it’s one and the same game after all.

In any case, a sequel to Alien: Isolation seems plausible, given the popularity of that game. What do you think?

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