March 30, 2023

Video game developer and publisher Riot Games has announced the acquisition of Wargaming Sydney, a gaming software development studio that is part of Cyprus-based Wargaming, the publisher behind titles such as World of Tanks and World of warships. Riot did not disclose the price of the purchase.

Wargaming Sydney is one of the largest game studios in Australia, founded in 2002 under the original name BigWorld. It was by Wargaming in 2012. The studio has developed game development tools and other software architecture needed to develop online games such as MMOs. Following the takeover by Riot, Wargaming Sydney will be rebranded as Riot Sydney and will help develop Riot games such as Valorant and League of Legends.

Wargaming retains ownership of BigWorld Technology

Wargaming Sydney is the only operation to be acquired by Riot Games, while other studios under the Wargaming name will not be affected by the purchase. Wargaming will also retain ownership of BigWorld Technology’s gaming software architecture for its existing products.

Riot says the new Riot Sydney brand will make a significant contribution to its network of development studios. The publisher said in a press statement that it “looks forward to the growth of the game industry in Australia” and “will continue to explore similar opportunities to add expert talent from experienced studios.” The entire development staff of Wargaming Sydney will join Riot Sydney, while the current publishing team will continue to be part of Wargaming. The development staff will continue to operate from their current offices.

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