February 4, 2023

Transcription software is computer equipment that helps to convert speech and video files into text. With zillion audio, video, online video, conferences, webinars, and other media content, such software finds a ready market. Artificial intelligence technologies that can recognize the spoken words lay at the base of such computer programs. Offering a rich functionality, it may come uneasily to puzzle which software is the best.

This article observes the five best transcription programs with detailed features illumination and offers suggestions for choosing the best subtitles solution. 

The features of the best transcription

Choosing the best software depends on several factors that determine the quality of output text and speed of the done work:

  1. Accurateness. Most artificial intelligence programs produce only up to 90 percent of the correct text. Human transcribers plus transcription software deliver 99 percent correctness of the text. When choosing software, a free trial test helps to measure the quality. It also depends on the source file. According to the media source, the trial test will show the quantity of grammatical and punctuation errors and coincidence levels. 
  2. Tools. The transcription software is highly developed and offers an array of additional features such as burn your subtitles, editing, and custom timestamps, which are essential for marketing videos. Ensure that the software matches your requirements and provides the necessary range of features. Consider multilingual support if you need it. Some software providers include it in their array of tools.
  3. Turnaround time. Usually, automatic transcription takes a few minutes for the process, sacrificing the quality level. For pure transcription, nothing is better than human transcription services. When applying for professional assistance, it would be appropriate to clarify the turnaround time.
  4. Pricing policy. Everyone, businesses, and individuals count their money. Choosing the proper set of features helps determine the final price for the project. Professional services frequently offer discounts for bulk orders. Find out the price for your project before sending payment.
  5. Background noise cancellation. Many sources for transcription can not boast a purely clean background. Environmental noises such as coughing can significantly distort the quality of the output transcribed file. The best program can filter them and deliver a maximally correct transcription. Also, it can handle the texts with narrow-specific terminology. 
  6. Intuitively understandable interface. Choosing software, nobody wants to waste a minute of private time to puzzle the complex interface. Navigation of the service must be user-friendly and understandable even to a teenager. Students often apply for such software to transcribe their lectures. Hence, it should be simple.
  7. Confidentiality. Any transcription service involves downloading files with content that may include private information. It may get leaked on the Internet after getting into the wrong hands. Respectful services must provide a non-disclosure agreement to protect sensitive data.
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Weighting all these features will help choose the most reliable transcription software that delivers high-quality texts shortly. 

Top 5 transcription services

With the superb functionality, the provided transcription services are not chargeless. However, the output quality is worth its money:

  1. Transcriberry. This service provides manual and automated transcription, multilingual translation, and adding subtitles to videos. The package of services covers various projects that will be interesting to authors, journalists, bloggers, podcasters, and reporters. Highly professional team provides transcription for podcasts, meetings, and press conferences; works closely with video content and interviews. The high quality of texts will satisfy educational workers as well as researchers. The transcription using speech recognition technologies starts from 25 cents per minute. For manual transcription with 99% quality, customers will pay 1.25$ per minute. The price for subtitles varies from 3$ to 7$ per minute. Text translations cost 10 cents per word. The order of work is simple. A user should:


  • Upload the media file needed ready for transcription into the system. It accepts various formats for convenience. In case of mismatch, you can use an online video converter; 
  • expect for the project price estimation and readiness;
  • Download the ready file from the system.

Among the most valuable benefits of the service are:

  • transparent pricing policy: customers know the cost for the transcribed project before the ordering;
  • confidentiality: data protection is paramount for Transcriberry;
  • the most modern technologies for quick results;
  • customer support service ready to answer questions around the clock.

The service is located in the USA and the UK; its team consists of native speakers only. Hiring professionals from Transcriberry, you can be sure of the quick and superb quality text regardless of the context complexity.

  1. Rev.com. Transcription service that assists in transcription, captioning, and translation. The prices for these services are equal to the predecessor. Live captions for meetings and webinars in Zoom cost $20 per host. They implement artificial intelligence software to receive the raw transcript within minutes, which gives about 80 percent of accuracy. The human correction allows reaching the pure quality of the document. The overall time needed for entirely human transcription starts from 12 hours. It guarantees 99 percent of quality in the text of audio recorded in a noisy environment, several speakers, and speech with accents. Clients who require no human intervention can receive the ready transcribed files within five minutes. Subtitling covers eight languages. Providing their services since 2010, they have earned a good reputation and brand name clients such as iHeartmedia, ESPN, and others.
  2. Transcribe. This service records speech to text in more than 80 languages. It comes with a specialized audio player to decode a source file. With a professional set of features such as pedal support, timestamp, auto-pause, text expander for acronyms, and others, users can try the role of professional subscribers: make the transcripts and generate subtitles. Transcribe offers two tariffs:
  • annual license ($20) with unlimited access to the software;
  • Automatic transcription: 1 minute of the free trial, 10 cents per minute.
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The tariffs change annually. The software does not allow Internet connection and does not suppose downloading files. Thanks to these characteristics, speech recognition technology remains maximally secure. Users work with the source from their device only and store the data in it as well). Also, the speed of transcription is up to 3 times.

  • Descript. An editor with a simple design for creating audio and video transcriptions. The set of tools includes transcriber itself, screen recorder, and editor. The transcription process is inelaborate: upload the file for transcription in the editor; a machine powered by AI intelligence will translate it into text. The output file will appear in the editor. There you can edit errors, add subtitles, or use filters. The distinctive feature of Descript is the opportunity to work with several team members with the same file thanks to the cloud-based function and a high-security level. The tariffs include:
  • free trial version: one project with up to 20 screen records not higher than 720p and transcription of 3 hours of audio;
  • a month tariff ($12): limitless number of projects and screen records; 10 audio transcriptions;
  • Pro ($24): 30 hours of transcription and other advantages;
  • Individual pricing policy.
  • Inqscribe. Another simplified software that makes it easy and convenient to use. A user-friendly interface is understandable even to amateurs. However, the site provides detailed guide navigation with explanations on how to operate. It accepts the most spread audio and video formats. Setting timecodes, adding subtitles, and typing some notes is very easy with Inqscribe. But the program is not primitive. In particular, Inqscribe offers:
  • compatibility with Windows and Mac media players;
  • cancels voice distortions;
  • foot pedals compatible with USB;
  • Translates into many languages; 
  • And many other features.
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The software requires downloading and delivers a limited package of services free of charge. Access to a complete range of services costs $99. Bulk orders (purchases from 5 licenses) expect a pleasant discount.

By and large, the range of transcription services is wide and matches any budget and wants. The represented software is remarkable by its simplicity, affordability, and professional facilities.

Summing Up

The advancements of Artificial technologies are massive. Nevertheless, robots and machines still can not provide the purely correct test. When you need an exceptional quality document and individual approach, you should apply for a professional transcription company.

Those who want to try this routine on their own have an opportunity to do it inexpensively. The software represents a complete set of tools for transcribing any media file almost effortlessly. The inbuilt editors that come in the package ease the process. Using an even free version of any program significantly improves independent manual transcription and assists in achieving your content goals.