March 24, 2023

New York Red Bulls midfielder and ex-Arsenal Academy star Dru Yearwood offers a fawning apology as his suspension is extended until the end of the season for kicking a ball into his OWN fans and making a youngster cry girl

  • Three additional games have been added to Dru Yearwood’s original suspension
  • He was sent off in the closing minutes of New York’s final game for violent conduct
  • Yearwood will not be eligible to return until the Red Bulls start playing after the season
  • He has apologized and says he accepts the sentence imposed on him







New York Red Bulls midfielder Dru Yearwood has been banned for an additional three games on Friday for his actions during the game against the Philadelphia Union on September 3.

As the final minutes of stoppage time drew to a close, Yearwood was sent off after violently kicking a ball in the face of a girl. The incident left another child, who may also have been beaten, in tears in the front row.

The Red Bulls have now released a new statement announcing that Yearwood has been fined an undisclosed amount and suspended three additional games.

Dru Yearwood of the New York Red Bulls was sent off after violently kicking a ball in the face of a girl

Yearwood was evicted for his violent behavior but later apologized in a statement with the club

The suspension will see Yearwood out for the remainder of the regular season by missing games against the New England Revolution, New York City FC, Columbus Crew and Charlotte FC.

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Yearwood immediately realized his mistake and ran into the crowd in an attempt to apologize but was turned away by a fan close to the girl who was hit, with distraught Red Bulls fans showing their distaste for the player.

Chants of ‘a**hole’ were shouted in the stadium.

The Red Bulls and Yearwood both issued statements apologizing to the fan and sending them good wishes after the incident.

Yearwood immediately realized his mistake and ran into the crowd in an attempt to apologize

Only to be shunned by a Red Bulls fan (center) near the girl who was hit (left)

The statement from the Red Bulls read: “The safety of everyone attending our events at Red Bull Arena is of the utmost importance to our organisation.

Dru is incredibly sorry and knows that his actions were unforgivable. We will take steps to prevent this from happening again.

‘Together with Dru, we stay in touch with families to check on their well-being.’

Yearwood clearly walked off the field dejected with his face buried in his shirt after the card

Yearwood’s first statement read: “I would like to apologize from the bottom of my heart to the fans who were hit by the ball I kicked during Saturday’s game.

“My emotions got the better of me on this day and I let the entire organization and every New York Red Bulls fan down.

“I hope the fans are okay and that they can forgive me.”

After the announcement of the additional games, Yearwood took to Twitter to not only say that he accepts the suspension, but also to ensure that such an incident would not happen again.