March 25, 2023

Angry contestants taking part in a new Netflix reality show based on the streamer drama Squid Game have spoken out to claim that the filming conditions were “inhumane.”

John and Marlene, whose names have been changed to protect their identities after signing non-disclosure agreements, hoped to bag the huge cash prize of £3.7 million, the biggest in television history.

But they destroyed the production after being forced to stand in freezing temperatures for hours when filming began at Bedford’s Cardington TV Studios last month.

told Jan Variety“This isn’t a Bear Grylls survival show. If they had told us it was going to be this cold, no one would have survived.”

He added: “The conditions were absolutely inhumane and had nothing to do with the game.”

Bad experience? Contestants taking part in a Netflix reality show based on the streamer drama Squid Game have spoken out to claim filming conditions were ‘inhumane’

It is claimed that on the first day of production, the contestants were woken up at 3:30 a.m. when they played Red Light, Green Light.

They were told to take their own coats to the huge hangers in Bedford’s Cardington Studios due to the freezing cold weather in the UK at the time.

They also received hand and foot warmers, two pairs of thermal underwear and socks.

The players were divided into groups and given a tracksuit identical to that of the drama participants.

It is claimed that they were told the game would last two hours, but it is believed that it ended up being close to seven hours.

As the match progressed, it was alleged that the contestants were told to wear their jackets open so that their player number was visible and fake blood could easily squirt from devices attached to their tracksuits.

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“The second the song played, I saw in my left peripheral vision that this girl was waving. Then she just gave way and you could hear her head hit the ground.” said Marleen.

Marlene claims the players were told to hold their positions, but added that other contenders ‘dropped like flies’.

Cold They Blew Up Production After Standing In Freezing Temperatures For Hours When Filming Began Last Month At Bedford'S Cardington Tv Studios (Cardington Studios Pictured)

Cold They blew up production after standing in freezing temperatures for hours when filming began last month at Bedford’s Cardington TV Studios (Cardington Studios pictured)

She added that the players were given “relaxation breaks,” but estimated it took 11 calls to the medics for the breaks to begin.

MailOnline has reached out to Netflix and production company Studio Lambert for comment.

The streaming platform has secretly recorded a reality version based on the deadly fictional competition.

A total of 456 players took part, the same number as in the original series, with some reportedly starting to feel unwell during the first game, Red Light, Green Light.

Fury: It Comes After Some Contestants Said They Are Considering Legal Action Against Netflix (Photo From The Hit Series The Reality Show Is Based On)

Fury: It comes after some contestants said they are considering legal action against Netflix (photo from the hit series the reality show is based on)

Competitors were even flown in from the United States and Australia for the show, which was filmed at Cardington Studios, a former RAF base near Bedford.

Hundreds were eliminated in the first round and then stayed in bunk beds in the studios, just like in the Korean series.

In the original series, hundreds of cash-strapped contestants accept an invitation to join children’s games for a tempting prize, but the stakes are deadly.

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Dozens of players destroyed production last month, claiming they were “treated like animals” and made to stand in freezing temperatures for hours on end.

Wow! Elsewhere, Netflix Has Secretly Created A Reality Version Based On Squid Game, With Contestants Competing For The Biggest Cash Prize In Tv History - £3.7 Million

Unhappy: Dozens of players destroyed production claiming they were ‘treated like animals’ and made to stand in freezing temperatures for hours

Two contestants were reportedly kicked off the show before filming began after breaking production rules by having sex in the hotel where they were housed.

“We were tortured for eight hours. We were just fodder. You don’t treat animals that way. I know the show was supposed to be tough, but it felt inhuman,” said one player The sun.

“At one point I could tell they were bringing a black coffin with a pink ribbon, just like in the original show. I feel like they prioritized a good chance over helping us.’

Another player claimed that people were “dropping like flies” because of the cold weather.

Elsewhere, two players would have squandered their chances before the games even started, after bed-hopping at London’s Tower Hotel, where contestants stayed for two days before filming began in Bedford.

A source told the publication, “There were strict rules that players had to abide by before filming of the show started. The production team found out two were sleeping together and had to cut them before it even started.”

The insider went on to say that the rules include not allowing associating with other players or smoking and drinking alcohol during the hotel stay.

It comes after reports emerged that contestants were reportedly left screaming ‘medic’ before being carried away in freezing conditions during filming.

In a statement to deadlineNetflix and the show’s producers Studio Lambert and The Garden said earlier this week, “While it was very cold on set — and contestants were prepared for it — all claims of serious injury are untrue.”

“We care deeply about the health and safety of our cast and crew, and have invested in all appropriate safety procedures,” it added.

That’s what a player has said before The sun: ‘Even when the hypothermia hit, people were willing to stay as long as possible because there was a lot of money at stake.

“Too many people were determined not to move, so they stood there for far too long.

Racy: Meanwhile, Two Contestants Were Reportedly Kicked Off The Show Before It Even Started, After Breaking Production Rules By Having Sex In The Hotel They Were Housed In

Racy: Meanwhile, two contestants were reportedly kicked off the show before it even started, after breaking production rules by having sex in the hotel they were housed in

“People arrived thinking they were going to be millionaires, but they left in tears.”

They added, “It was like a war zone. People were taken away by medics, but we couldn’t say anything. If you talk, you’re out. Some people couldn’t move their feet because it was so cold.

“You could hear someone shout ‘Doctor’ and the crew rushed on. We ended up standing there for 30 minutes between takes. Some crept towards the end. At least one was carried on a stretcher.”

Problems: Players Reportedly Felt As If They Had Frostbite As Temperatures Plummeted To -3C At The British Filming Location, According To The Sun

Problems: Players would have felt like they were freezing as temperatures plummeted to -3C at the British filming location, according to The Sun