March 23, 2023

And ahead of four major television interviews this week to accompany the worldwide launch of her book on Tuesday, it now seems unimaginable that she’ll ever be able to fully reconcile with them.

If her large-scale charm offensive had gained the Sussexes a bit of momentum after her Netflix series last month, the past few days during which the world press has slammed her memoir have taken a toll on that. It has been mercilessly mocked at home and abroad, including in the United States, where the couple is viewed favorably.

The book seems to provide some great fodder and gossip for readers and journalists alike, but it’s clearly been a major act of self-sabotage. Yes, it has guaranteed long-term financial security for his family, but it has certainly ended any chance that he could be publicly rehabilitated in the eyes of the silent majority.

His grotesque revelations of his sexual activities and recreational habits may earn him short-term plaudits for his honesty among a certain demographic, but they’ll ultimately place him alongside the bearded lady in the alleyway freak show.

There really isn’t much justification for announcing to the world whether or not he and his brother, a future king, are circumcised. If anything, it’s the kind of nasty breach of privacy that’s been lamented for a long time.

A journalist should never complain about honesty and transparency, but there is no doubt that his account of his tours of Afghanistan, in which he detailed the number of Taliban scalps he had taken, could also put his security at serious risk.

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The charm and fascination of William and Harry is that a generation has grown up with them, having shared so many intimate moments after the death of their mother, their weddings and the birth of their children.

And while his father and brother remain silent, offering only substantive comments from their press secretaries that they hope a reconciliation is possible, it appears Britain is done with them. And if reactions from other remote parts of the world are any guide, the UK is not alone.

Once the most popular royal, Harry now ranks among the least. His wife, Meghan, ranks second only to Prince Andrew, who was accused of a historical account of sexually assaulting a minor, Virginia Giuffre (an allegation he denies, despite the fact that the parties settled on last year).

When your family tree is perhaps one of the most documented in Western history, it takes a lot to really stand out from the crowd. And thanks to this lineage, we know that Harry’s latest efforts aren’t even original.


In 1951, a scandalous royal memoir revealed a story of press meddling, casual racism, stuffy courtiers who refuse to modernize an outdated institution, and a man who falls in love with a divorced American.

autobiography of Edward VIII, a king’s tale, was written from exile in France. Seven decades later, a new version of an old tale has emerged, a revealing story of press intrusion, casual racism, stuffy courtiers who refuse to modernize an outdated institution, and a man who falls in love with a divorced American.

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Edward’s decision, rightly or wrongly, forever damaged his own legacy and his own personal family relationships. Ultimately, the monarchy survived and prospered without him. Those who were left behind to pick up the pieces to selflessly serve are the ones who are always fondly remembered.

Charles and William are said to be furious at Harry’s actions and heartbroken over his choices. Both plan to keep a dignified silence.

Harry might be world famous now, but beyond his 15 minutes, he will eventually return to exile with little coin or seriousness. And then, most likely, he will fade into darkness.

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