January 27, 2023

Buying real estate in any of the major cities in India has become easier than ever today! Most buyers are very  particular and picky and I am no exception. But I go by the rule we should always estimate an expense 50% higher than our budget. This is because, when buying a house or property, one problem can lead ti another, and the budget almost always, exceeds our expectations. The exact same thing happened with me. Fixing a price could lead to changing the building choice, and renovating the interiors could double the purchase cost. I would say that the same rule applies to time: if your goal is to find a new home within 60 days, anticipate the process taking 90 days. In my case, I dedicated about 75 days to finding a good property deal for me. And today, I am pleased that I found the best apartment in Prestige Beverly Hills in Hyderabad at a great price!

My Property Buying Experience & Prestige Beverly Hills Price

I bought a 3 BHK flat in Prestige Beverly Hills 4th floor for INR 1.75 Cr. Prestige Beverly Hills is a premier residential neighbourhood that offers the pinnacle of luxury living from Prestige Constructions. The purchasing procedure was quick and uncomplicated. The development offers 3 and 4 BHK apartments with abundant amenities. Prestige Beverly Hills is made more special and elite by its lovely surroundings, modern amenities, and abundant open space. Osman Sagar is also conveniently located nearby. The developer promises to deliver a superior quality of living in the neighbourhood of Kokapet, Outer Ring Road, West Hyderabad, with stunning architecture and a premium lifestyle.

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Location Benefits of Prestige Beverly Hills in Hyderabad

West Hyderabad and Kokapet, Outer Ring Road, are two of Hyderabad’s most sought-after neighbourhoods. Because the project is situated in one of these popular areas, it is ideal for both self-use and investment. You’ll find the best deal here, with such reasonable prices for a 3 or 4 BHK apartment in a high-rise project in Kokapet, beside the Outer Ring Road in West Hyderabad.  The property is ideal to invest in, with the assurance of a good return in the future. You can also use it for residence since it is situated in one of the most desirable areas of Kokapet, Hyderabad.

Best Amenities in Prestige Beverly Hills

Prestige Beverly Hills offers a lifestyle that has hitherto been the preserve of the wealthy. The property is renowned because it is located in Kokapet, one of Hyderabad’s most prestigious and prosperous neighbourhoods. Kokapet, the city’s strongest luxury magnet with superb infrastructure and development, attracts the new elite. This opulent landmark can be readily reached via the Outer Ring Road, which is well connected to the city and the airport and is situated in Kokapet with all the comforts. The property is only 5 minutes from Hyderabad’s Financial District, a significant IT hub. Nearby are numerous stores, schools, and medical facilities. Prestige Beverly Hills puts you close to work because it is close to the Financial District and many other upscale commercial centres. Premium educational institutions at all levels will also be easily accessible by car.

3 Reasons to Recommend Prestige Beverly Hills

  • All residents at Prestige Beverly Hills have quick access to some of the most sought-after amenities, including a gym and power backup. There are amenities for sports enthusiasts, such as a cricket pitch, squash, basketball, and badminton.

  • In addition to the swimming pool, kids can use the adjoining Children’s Play Area. Fire sprinklers are on the property.

  • Access to banquet halls, community halls, landscaping, tree planting, storm water drains, sewage treatment plants, shopping malls, and visitor parking are just a few additional provisions. At Prestige Beverly Hills, you’ll have a feel of a home.

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Prestige Beverly Hills offers great accessibility and is situated at the intersection of Kokapet and the Outer ring road, close to Narsingi and Gandipet, as well as current and future neighbourhoods and amenities. A fully equipped clubhouse, beautiful gardens, a gymnasium, a swimming pool, recreation rooms, outdoor sports courts, a children’s play area, a party hall, and state-of-the-art 24/7 security are just a few of the amenities at Prestige Beverly Hills. If you are looking for more information about verified property listings in Hyderabad, do check NoBroker.in