February 9, 2023

The Caribbean medical schools have become a popular alternative for students who are unable to get admission to US medical schools or don’t match the requisite grades. The Island is home to some of the best-recognized medical schools that have helped many students make brilliant careers ahead. 

These medical schools offer everything from brilliant education to even USA clinical affiliations which makes them highly impactful. If you are considering opting to study in a Caribbean medical school then you must do your research beforehand. These medical schools are giving good competition to their American counterparts because of various reasons. Here are some factors that have significantly contributed to the success of the Caribbean medical school. 

Easy admission

Students applying to U.S. medical schools are often shocked when they see the high competition for admission for a slot. Many deserving candidates with good grades are often rejected because of excessive applications and a limited number of slots. 

According to data collected by AAMC, medical schools in the U.S. saw a growth of nearly 18% in 2021 with a total number of 62,443 applicants. Out of this, less than 40% of students are able to gain admission and the rest are not able to clear the stringent admission criteria. 

The Caribbean medical school, on the other hand, puts emphasis on holistically assessing students which helps deserving candidates get a seat in the medical school. While medical schools on the island do have their own set of admission requirements, where GPA and MCAT scores are given high value. They also give equal importance to interview rounds where students are judged for their passion and dedication to the medical field along with their overall academic graph. 

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Additionally, medical schools in the Caribbean have rolling admission, which means that students are not bounded by application deadlines. This is useful in lessening the burden and stress on medical students who have to fulfill many parameters to finally begin their academic journey. 

Good reputation 

The Caribbean medical schools enjoy an excellent reputation in the U.S because they offer accredited degrees that are recognized everywhere. Many graduates from the island have gone on to make a professional career in the U.S. where they are employed by reputed hospitals. 

Education offered at the Caribbean medical schools is at par with the U.S. ones and many medical schools on the island even have a high USMLE-1 pass rate. They additionally offer clinical rotations in the U.S. which is very important for students looking to make a career in the States. 

Along with these, many Caribbean medical schools offer excellent residency options. They also have a faculty that comprises experienced professors who have spent years teaching and researching the subject. Studying in the Caribbean is a joy as the atmosphere is serene and filled with lush greenery and beautiful beaches. Students will enjoy studying in such an environment where they have plenty of activities to beat stress and relax. 

All these factors contribute to making medical schools on the Island a great choice for students who are looking to embark on a successful journey ahead as physicians.