February 4, 2023

Others are less optimistic. They say Mr Biden’s choices have exacerbated US foreign policy problems and, at times, deviated from the principles set by the president. Senior Democratic lawmakers have criticized his meeting with Prince Mohammed and… aid to the Saudi armythough government officials have promoted a United Nations-imposed ceasefire in Yemen.

“As time has gone by, Biden has failed to deliver on many of his campaign promises, and he has stuck to the status quo in the Middle East and Asia,” said Emma Ashford, senior fellow at the Atlantic Council.

Both the Trump and Biden administrations have faced the question of how to maintain America’s global dominance at a time when it appears to be waning. China has risen as a counterweight and Russia has become bolder.

The Trump Administration national security strategy formally refocused foreign policy towards “great power competition” with China and Russia and away from prioritizing terrorist groups and other non-state actors. The Biden administration has continued that drive, in part because of events such as the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Biden’s White House has postponed the release of its own national security strategy, expected early this year. Officials are rewriting it because of the war in Ukraine. The final document is still expected to highlight competition between powerful nations.

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