January 27, 2023

Wild NYPD bodycam footage shows cop on HORSEBACK weaving through traffic to catch a thief who snatched sunglasses from Times Square vendor


A Time Square robber was chased through the streets of New York City on Saturday by a cop on horseback after he was suspected of stealing sunglasses. “All your NYPD officers are involved in crime fighting, even the four-legged ones,” the NYPD posted on Twitter with a bodycam video of the high-speed chase.

Footage shows how the officer approaches the suspect on the sidewalk shortly before 7 p.m. The suspect, dressed in dark-colored clothing, pauses to face the officer before making off with his red backpack. The cop and the four-legged animal follow closely behind them, dodging bystanders on the sidewalk.

The suspect runs up the street toward incoming traffic while several cars stop to let the officer through the busy street. The robber comes down the block before being detained by nearby officers. The NYPD horses have been used for years.

Two heroic horses were used to break up a fight in Time Square in December 2020. Footage of the incident shows several men punching and wrestling to the ground. Bystanders tried to calm the incident, but it wasn’t until the horses arrived that the situation hissed.

Robberies in New York City have increased compared to last year, statistics show. Year-to-date data from the NYD shows 8,314 robberies so far in 2022. By comparison, in 2021, 6,530 robberies were reported in the same period. Data for the 28 days between June 18 and July 10 shows 1,499 reported robberies – 384 more than the same time last year. Meanwhile, there are also reports of burglaries, major theft and major car thefts. Total crime in the city has increased by more than 37 percent compared to last year.