February 3, 2023

A nutritionist has revealed how you can save money by butchering your own chicken at home — and the simple task takes just three minutes.

Jordan Pie, known as Jordan Pieface on Instagram, Tuesday shared a video of her partner Roy cutting a raw chicken piece by piece.

In the caption, the young New Zealand woman explained that the 1.6-pound bird cost her just $23.99 — while buying each piece individually would have cost $36.80.

Jordan Pie, known as Jordan Pieface on Instagram, shared a video on Tuesday of her partner Roy cutting a raw chicken piece by piece.

A nutritionist has revealed how you can save money by butchering your own chicken at home — and the simple task takes just three minutes

“By butchering it ourselves, we can save 34% or $12.80,” she said.

She explained that taking care of the work at home also means you can reduce your food waste by using the whole animal.

The nutritionist will even fatten the chicken, make treats from the skin, and boil the bones for broth.

“With a little practice, it takes us less than three minutes to butcher an entire chook,” she said.

The video begins with Roy cutting off the legs before removing the skin and chopping the carcass in half.

He then cuts the chicken breast away from the bone and packs each carefully dissected piece into reusable containers.

The fatty tissue and skin are then baked off, the rendered fat is drained into a pot for cooking and the skin is set aside as a tasty snack.

“From one whole chicken, you have: two drumsticks⁣⁣, two thighs⁣, two wings⁣⁣, two large chicken breasts⁣⁣, one large chicken frame that you can save for bone broth or chicken soup⁣ and the skin and chicken schmaltz,” she said.

The video was described as “fascinating” by many of the young woman’s 80,000 followers.

‘Why have I never thought about this? It’s so smart,’ said one woman.

Some revealed that they also enjoy cutting up their own chickens, but the job doesn’t look “as easy” as Roy does.

How can I dissect a chicken at home?

Step 1: With the chicken breast side up, pull each leg away from the body, then cut between the breast and drumstick. Turn the chicken on its side and bend each leg back until the thigh pops out of the socket. Cut through the joint to completely remove the leg

Step 2: Pull each wing away from the body. Cut through the joint and remove the wings

Step 3: Peel off the goosebumps and set aside. Don’t throw it away

Step 4: To make the next step easier, lift the chicken and cut down through the ribcage and shoulder joints to separate the chest from the back. This helps to stabilize the frame when removing the chicken breasts

Step 5: Run your blade gently along the sternum, making short scraping cuts as close to the bone as possible. Gently pull away the breast meat and cut along the ribs in the same manner to remove the breast completely. Repeat on the other side

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Step 6: Leave the Maryland whole, or cut the joint and you have a drumstick and thigh .⁣

To make the crispy skin treats and make it greasy:

Just finely chop the peel and then pour into a pan or oven. When it is golden brown and crispy, pass it through a sieve and collect the golden schmaltz (chicken fat) and sprinkle the crispy chicken pieces with salt and enjoy.

The couple likes to use the carcass for bone broth after removing the meat

“So therapeutic to watch, even though I’m not that professional, sometimes mine seems to have been cut with a spoon,” said one woman.

“Well, you wouldn’t want to see a video of me cutting mine up… it’s a mess no matter how perfect I try to be,” added a second.

Jordan said her partner, who is a photographer, likes to sharpen his knives before slaughtering a chicken and “will often switch between the two.”

While others decided the hack would be worth it for the crispy chicken skin alone.

“It’s the best, crunchiest, tastiest savory snack,” Jordan said.

‘Can confirm the cooked chicken skin is beyond amazing! ! Only for this reason do I buy a whole chicken,’ added another woman.