March 30, 2023

Enjoy the craic longer! New laws allow Irish pubs to serve until 12:30pm every night

  • Pubs are allowed to be open every day of the week from 10.30 am to 12.30 pm
  • The license changes will reform Ireland’s existing 200-year-old law
  • Nightclubs can stay open until 6am, with last orders at 5am



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Irish pubs will now be able to serve until 12:30pm every night of the week under new licensing laws.

Major legislative reform has allowed nightclubs to stay open until 6am, with last orders being taken before 5am.

Pubs are currently required to stop serving at 11:30 PM between Monday and Thursday under existing law. This will be extended to 12:30pm on Friday and Saturday, while the last orders will be shifted to 11pm on Sunday.

The sweeping overhaul of licensing laws will now allow for standardized serving times on any day of the week, with pubs allowed to open Monday through Sunday from 10:30am to 12:30pm.

Irish gamblers can now drink until 12.30pm any day of the week under new laws.

Ireland’s Justice Minister Helen McEntee will present the licensing changes to the cabinet on Monday as it attempts to reform the country’s 200-year-old legislation.

The move aims to align Ireland with other European countries and to support and develop Ireland’s overnight economy.

The opening hours for late bars remain at 2:30 am.

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Ireland will still maintain its restrictive licensing system with venues required to apply for their licenses in the courts.

The local community and local authorities can still object to any changes to a cafe’s opening hours. The fire brigade, Irish Health Service Executive and the gardaí, the state police of the Republic of Ireland, will also be able to object to the granting of permits.

The measure is intended to support Irish pubs and the overnight economy.

The measure is intended to support Irish pubs and the overnight economy.

The measure is intended to support Irish pubs and the overnight economy.

Representatives of the Irish nighttime economy have long campaigned for standardized opening times for pubs and bars.

Due to the changes in the law, nightclubs and late night bars must also have CCTV cameras in use. Security personnel must be on site with appropriate accreditation from the Irish Private Security Authority.

Justice Minister Helen McEntee previously spoke about plans to change the opening hours of Irish nightlife. Ms McEntee said: “It’s really about how we consolidate the many complex laws and outdated laws, but also making it easier for people to get into the industry, making it easier for new entrants, young people and just create a better environment for our artists and also for our stages.”

Further details of the changes to the licensing legislation will be announced after the expected approval of the cabinet. The changes are likely to come into effect next year.