January 31, 2023

Australian cleaning enthusiasts have discovered a ‘miracle cure’ that can make floors, walls and screens look like new again.

Moms rave about Tricleanium Ultra Concentrated Cleaner, which costs just $18.15 from Bunnings and can be used to keep many surfaces in the home looking spotless.

A member of the popular Facebook group Mums Who Clean showed her dramatic results after using Tricleanium on her floors, screens and even a wall that hadn’t been cleaned in over 30 years.

Dozens of Australian moms rave about a ‘miracle cure’ cleaning product that can make walls, screens and floors look like new in seconds and won’t break the sofa

Tricleanium Ultra Concentrated Cleaner is only $18.15 from Bunnings and can be used to keep many surfaces in the home looking spotless

The handy mom said the cleaner made sure her screens “looked almost new” and didn’t strip the paint off her walls.

“These walls hadn’t been cleaned in 32 years. It took elbow grease and it went three times… I used less water than the recommended five liters to half a cup and also used a white magic sponge,” she said in the comments.

She was so impressed with Tricleanium, which is often used by painters to wash walls before painting or wallpapering, that she says she used it to clean ‘almost everything inside and out’ in her house.

The handy mum said the cleaner made sure her screens looked ‘almost new’ and didn’t take the paint off her walls

Tricleanium can be diluted with water to any strength for a variety of tasks, can be used for general cleaning and to rinse out dirt in the washing machine drum and only needs to be quickly wiped down with a damp cloth after use.

“That stuff is so good. I only found out because my partner is a painter and he uses it before painting a wall,” one member commented.

Another said she used the compound to clean her floors and dig up dirt and grime she didn’t even know was there.

Tricleanium can be diluted with water to any strength, can be used for general cleaning and for washing away dirt in the washing machine and should be wiped with a damp cloth after use

“I’ve used it on my floors – what I thought was clean certainly wasn’t clean,” she laughed.

In a previous post, another mom shared how she used Tricleanium to make her range hood filters look spotless in seconds.

In the 40-second raw clip, she simply submerged the dirty filter in a sink of boiling water and a cap full of concentrate, leaving it sparkling clean.

“I use this on anything with a lot of grease, shower screens, shower grout, whatever, and you won’t get anything better for your walls. Great all round product that is effortless and has no toxic fumes,” she wrote.

How to use Tricleanium?

Tricleanium super concentrate can be mixed to a strength that suits you. The following rates are recommended:

  • Pre-painting and heavy soiling – Dilute half a cup (2 level lids) Tricleanium in a 9 liter bucket of hot water.
  • General cleaning – dilute a quarter cup (1 level lid) of Tricleanium to a 9 liter bucket of hot water
  • Garment Washing Machine – To clean a *clothing washing machine, add up to one cup of TRICLEANIUM to an empty washing machine and run on a low water level, warm cycle. *for modern water-saving machines, add only between a quarter and a half cup of Tricleanium.
  • Apply Tricleanium mix with a sponge, cloth or mop and let it soak in for a while, but do not let the surface to be washed dry. This is especially important when cleaning *glass and windows. These should be rinsed immediately with fresh water to avoid clouding.
  • All surfaces washed with Tricleanium should be rinsed with clean water after cleaning.
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It is not recommended to use Tricleanium on brass and aluminum plated surfaces.

Avoid contact with carpets or surfaces that are not colorfast.

Source: Tricleanium