February 4, 2023

A study has shown that 60% of people move during summer – between May and August. And 9.8% of Americans move annually. Every year May and August are the peaks of the moving. May is a very good choice, but some people because of changes in studies and work have to choose August.


Moving in August means getting your supplies ready for your future life in advance, getting organized and ready for everything in September. You will have enough time to familiarize yourself with a new environment, build social relationships and perform better at work during the time of year when daylight hours are the longest.


And the biggest headache of moving is packing and carrying luggage. You look at your belongings and don’t know how to start packing them. You don’t know how to move things all at once and how to organize your schedule. Don’t worry, the following tips will help you.


  1. Prepare For Packing Early


Check your luggage, cartons, and product packaging boxes first. This will allow you to know how many boxes you can pack, and then you may find that shoe boxes, product packaging, and cloth bags can come in handy. Putting the products back in their own boxes can not only protect products on the way, but you don’t have to plug them in the poor space of luggage – because the box is the best home for them. Therefore, please pay attention to saving important packing boxes.


Purchase any boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, mattress covers, and other packing supplies you might need before you get too busy.


Wash your laundry and make sure they are clean before they are packed. Because you have to use them immediately when you are in the new home, and there’s no time to clean. Don’t forget to wash your bedding, you won’t have the energy to do it after a busy move.

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  1. Be Organized In Your Packing


The pain with moving is that you will need certain items right up until the minute you move, so it’s best to first pack the items you don’t use as often. Classify items by seasonal frequency of use. Pack your winter clothes and quilts first.


Pack the most frequently used items last, because you’ll need them before you move. Pack your tools, medications, books, and other items together first. You won’t need them immediately when you get to your new home. Because of that, you needn’t tidy them up in hurry.



  1. Get Rid Of Unnecessary Items


As you organize your belongings, you may find things you haven’t used in a long time. Some daily necessities are cheap, you should check out whether you need to take them with you. If your luggage is heavy, get rid of cheap ones and buy new ones after move. It’s also a chance to update your belongings.


You can check these items on the online shopping platform in your spare time and place an order in advance to ensure that the goods will be delivered after you move. Don’t forget to search for codes on sites like CouponBirds to save money.



  1. Rend A Moving Truck Or Turn To Moving Company


For individuals moving on their own, renting a moving truck, especially one with a ramp, will make loading and unloading easier and save time. A moving truck that best fits the size of your home can deliver everything at once, rather than loading a lot of furniture and items into a car or a pickup truck.

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If you don’t want to spend time and energy moving furniture, you can contact a professional moving company to help you. They will help you pack, move, and unload, which will cost you money but reduces a lot of stress.


  1. Label Your Boxes With Detail


Imagine, once you have all the boxes in your house, which box do you start with? Unless you use transparent plastic boxes, you don’t know what’s in a particular box. So it’s a good idea to label boxes. For example, if you want to label a box “kitchen”, you can add “tableware” or “pot”. Detailed labeling will help you organize your items more efficiently.


  1. Print A Item Checklist


Count the number of boxes after packing each room, and note the label and size of each box, as well as the name and quantity of furniture.


In addition to existing items, you can make a shopping list for your new home and reminders, such as changing keys, phone numbers for the person in charge of moving service, and keeping important documents safe.


  1. Plan Moving Schedule And Prepare Food


Weekdays will have lower costs because they’re not as busy for moving companies. To save money during peak season, try to choose Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday when business is slower for moving companies.


Have food and water on hand if you are moving long distances by car. Pack your luggage the night before you leave. The most important thing is to have plenty of water and bring your favorite convenience foods. In order to drive safely, be sure to have it serviced before the trip.


If packing is tiring enough and you don’t want to drive thousands of miles, you can choose a car shipping service. You can book a car delivery service online, such as Montway. In addition to driving for hours or days, you’ll save money on gas consumed on a road trip, food, and lodging costs. It can also avoid the risk of accidents.

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  1. Some Recommendable Items For Moving


Bankers Box SmoothMove Prime Moving Boxes

Boxes are the most important “helper” for your move. Getting a variety of sizes of boxes can make packing easier. At the very least, use small boxes for heavy items like books, and large boxes for light, bulky items like pillows or blankets.



Duck Brand Original Bubble Wrap Cushioning

Use bubble wrap to protect fragile items such as dishes. Bubble paper is suitable for large or odd shaped items.Newspapers are an option for the economy but are less effective.Newspapers aren’t nearly as cushioned as bubble wrap, likely, you won’t have enough on hand when you pack.



Tool set

Some furniture can be assembled so that you can put it on the truck and save space. A well-rounded tool set can easily disassemble your desk or other assembled furniture. A high-quality tool set goes a long way.

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In addition, you can search for stretch film, mattress bag, handle tape gun, and work gloves. These items have large quantities and can be used on average three times or more. If you buy these on the Internet, don’t forget to go to the coupon website for a discount code, and a lot of them are free of freight.


Be prepared for three aspects of luggage, trip plan, and tools, your summer move will be enjoyable. Have a good trip!