February 3, 2023

A Mormon housewife is candid about her “secret double life” as an online model – for which she earns $37,000 a month selling photos of herself on the Internet, despite knowing she could be kicked out of church if discovered. Holly Jane, 39, from California, has been part of the religious group for years, which has very strict rules, such as no alcohol, tobacco, vulgar language or intimate relationships with the opposite sex outside of marriage.

But being a Mormon hasn’t stood in the way of Holly’s modeling career. The single mother of three earns tens of thousands of dollars a month from her lucrative job and has amassed more than 44,000 followers on her Instagram account for sharing her sultry snaps.

Holly – who often poses in various states of undressing for her fans, while keeping it all a secret from the church – says the different sides of her life go hand in hand. “I might get paid to strip, but there are people who strip for free — I’m just smart about it,” Holly, whose three children are ages 20, 13 and nine, told JamPrime.com.

“I do it in the safety of my own home in my own time. Everyone… is sending spicy photos, so I don’t really see the problem. This way I can still practice the traditional ways of being a roommate, but instead of sleeping around, which wouldn’t fit the ideals of the church, I make a living with my hot body. ‘

‘If I’m Not’ [modeling] I’m just a normal mom cleaning and preparing dinner.’ After starting her account in August, the former recruiter quit her more traditional job last year. From a religious standpoint, it’s a risky move, with Holly revealing she could be kicked out of the church if anyone ever finds out. However, the mother isn’t afraid of the consequences – saying she’s ready to “challenge” the church if her secret ever comes out and they try to “ex-communicate” her.

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She said: ‘My life online is very different from my everyday life, where I walk around in my shorts and flip flops when I’m at school. If you pointed me to someone there, being a model would be the last thing they would guess. But I love what I do. One of my kids knows about my new career and she’s totally fine with it.’

“I explained to my daughter that celebrating my body is nothing to be ashamed of. And that’s what I hope people in the church will realize, too, when my secret finally gets out. I’m not afraid of getting kicked out of the church because I just won’t allow it. I would publicly challenge the ex-communication.’

I don’t know of any men from my church who follow my Instagram account,” Holly said. “If so, they’re doing it in secret.”

Her husband, Stephen, died tragically in 2017, when he was just 31 years old. But Holly believes he would have approved of her choices. “Stephen always knew about this side before me. I think he would have supported him,” she continued. “I only told two of my friends. Everyone thinks I work in recruitment.’