February 7, 2023

Councilors who voted to kill their local geese population have received death threats from “extinction rebellion supporters”.

Lydney City Council members, including Mayor Tasha Saunders, received threatening calls around 2 a.m. today.

The disgusting threats came after reports last week said the Cotswolds city voted 10-3 to kill ‘terrifying’ Canada geese at Lydney Boating Lake, upsetting some wildlife enthusiasts.

According to a council member, a supporter of the eco-activist group Extinction Rebellion told them, “I’m going to kill you instead.”

The decision to kill the geese wasn’t ‘easy’, but a council source has claimed they will try non-lethal methods first

Currently 150 geese are visiting Lydney Boating Lake, which has seen a massive spike in nitrogen levels, depleting the local fish population

Sources in the Council claimed they had not voted to kill the geese and would pursue non-lethal methods of managing them, with culling as a last resort.

According to some councilors, they were forced to vote because the geese have displaced other wildlife and made life difficult for locals.

Councilor Richard Kemsley said the geese had been aggressive and ‘threatened’ a mother and child.

People from other cities have even become reluctant to visit because of the birds.

Councilor Carol Harris said: the BBC“It was the hardest vote I’ve ever had on the board in 14 years.

“The sports clubs have had to cancel quite a few matches because opponents arrive, they see the condition of the fields and refuse to play.

‘It is income that the clubs are missing out on. As a trust, we have a duty of care to enable our tenants to carry out the sporting activities for which they pay their rent.’

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Councilor Clare Vaughan said the decision was “not easy to make.”

She said: ‘We have a responsibility for the safety of our people, of our city, and we must put people first by continuing with the culling.’

Recent tests by the Environment Agency showed that high nitrogen levels in the lake – which he suggested was caused by geese droppings – posed a risk to the fish and a problem for fishermen.

Mayor Tasha Saunders (pictured) has received death threats before the vote, according to a council source

The geese are also ‘aggressive’ with some ‘threatening’ mother and child and discourage sports teams from using the grounds

Up to 150 geese visit the lake, but their numbers are expected to be culled by nearly two-thirds.

A councilor who opposed the culling, Steve Stockham, said: ‘People are not separate from nature.

“We risk looking like bullies because we impose our wishes on the geese.

“They’re just as important as people.”