February 9, 2023

The picture of the Republican rise was darker. There has been no meaningful statewide GOP primaries in an interim year since 2014, when Mr. Hogan first ran. That year 215,000 Republicans voted.

In the state’s open contest for attorney general, Republicans chose between Michael Anthony Peroutka, who on several occasions… spoken with the League of the Southa group calling for the states of the former Confederation to secede from the United Statesand Jim Shalleck, a district attorney who has served as president of the Montgomery County Board of Elections.

In the Democratic primary, Representative Anthony Brown, who served as Lieutenant Governor under Governor Martin O’Malley, took on Mr. O’Malley’s wife, Katie Curran O’Malley, who served as a Baltimore judge for 20 years.

Republicans have not won an election for Maryland’s attorney general since 1918.

In other Maryland races, former Representative Donna Edwards tried to reclaim the seat of the Prince George’s County-based house that she gave up to run for Senate in 2016. Her candidacy has been embroiled in a proxy war over the policies of Israel.

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