March 23, 2023

Mark Wahlberg’s Beverly Hills house that was featured in Entourage is on the market for $28.5 million. 

From 2001 to 2013, the actor lived in the 12-bath, seven-bedroom home. 

The 13,962-square-foot property is located on Oak Pass Road in a gated community and is not short on luxury amenities, as it includes a $2million gym equipped with a boxing ring he trained in for The Fighter, and a pool featuring a waterfall. 

The white house has gray roof with black highlights. It is surrounded by trees so it is private from its neighbors. 

It is situated on 1.7 acres of land, which also includes a putting green, a basketball court and 1,000 feet of decks. There’s also an outdoor dining area with wood-burning pizza oven, a garage for three cars, and a home theatre. 

The seven-bedroom, 12-bath, 13,962-square-foot property on Oak Pass Road sits on 1.7 acres of land and was owned by Mark Wahlberg

However, it still features the $2million home gym Wahlberg famously worked out in at 4am. It features a boxing ring he trained for The Fighter in and several weight racks

It still has Wahlberg’s $2million home gym, where he famously exercised at 4am. It has a boxing ring Wahlberg trained in, as well as several weight racks.

The backyard features a stunning pool, complete with a waterfall and alcove pool area behind it

The backyard boasts a spectacular pool with waterfall and an area for alcove swimming. 

The home also has a home theater, but forgoes the traditional theater seats, choosing comfortable couches and has a fire place to give the space an intimate feel

A home theater is also available, but it has comfortable couches and a fire place. This gives the home a more intimate feel. 

Wahlberg owned the property from 2001 to 2013. It has since undergone several changes since the actor owned it

The property was owned by Wahlberg from 2001 to 2013. Since Wahlberg took over the property in 2001, it has been subject to several changes.

The main house has five bedrooms and eight baths. There are floor-to-ceiling windows in the main living areas.

Living room has high ceilings, an open-plan layout and large windows that connect to the back patio. The room also offers beautiful views of the hillside and palm trees. 

The dining room has a boxy chandelier and is connected to this room. A large window is located directly behind the dining table, giving diners a beautiful view and an airy feeling. 

Off the living room is another seating area and a bar area that features a TV and plenty of natural lighting

The living room has a second seating area, a bar area, and a TV. There is also plenty of natural lighting. 

The back dining area has a large table that can seat up to 12 people and extends further to an uncovered seating area with great views of the hillside

The large dining table in the back area can accommodate up to 12 people. It extends further into an open area that offers great views of the hills. 

The kitchen is located in a separate room next to the dining area. The large chef’s kitchen features marble countertops, two ovens and two sets of burners. There is plenty of cabinet space, stainless steel appliances, and ample storage space. 

The countertop extends into a bar-top area and has two sinks at each end. 

It also has a large window, light-colored cabinets, and light wooden floors like many other rooms in the house. It has a small dining space that can be used for family dinners, as well as a wine rack built into the wall. 

The layout of the master bedroom is similar to that in the living room. It has nearly floor-to-ceiling windows that open to a small deck and fold out to reveal a small area. There is also a fireplace, and seating area. 

The offset bathroom is all white and features white tile, a clear glass shower, and white cabinets with gray-marble countertops. 

It has a vanity area and a basin sink that tilts with a chair. To give the home owner a luxurious feeling, it also has a small ottoman as well as a chandelier.  

There's also a two-story guest house that features two bedrooms and three bathrooms that has it's own private deck seating

A two-story guesthouse with two bedrooms and three baths is also available. It has its own deck seating.

The guest house has a similar feel to the main house with muted colors and lots of natural light

The guest house is similar to the main house in that it has muted colors and lots natural light. 

There's also an office in the main house that features plenty of cabinetry and large windows

A separate office is located in the main house. It features large windows and plenty of cabinets. 

It also includes a door to the outside. 

Another bathroom features a different style, with dark flooring and brownish-colored marble walls and countertops. The bathroom also features a TV. 

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The screen is a massive 136 inches. Instead of traditional theater seating, the home theater uses intimate couches and a fireplace. 

You can choose from black chairs or cream-colored couches in the downstairs living room. This area has a darker feel. It also has a small bar year that houses a TV, as well as a separate seating area. 

The upstairs living room features circular couches and has a connected dining area

The upstairs living area features circular couches, and connects to the dining area. 

The main bedroom features a similar style to the living room with large doors that open out into a private deck area

The main bedroom is a copy of the living room and has large doors that lead out onto a private deck. 

The room also features a fire place and plenty of room for seating and artwork

This room has a fireplace and ample space for artwork and seating. 

The master bathroom is all-white with white tiling and a glass shower. It also has a standalone tub and features several counters with gray marble tops

The master bathroom has an all-white theme with white tiling, a glass shower and a tub. The bathroom also features a separate tub, and several counters with gray marble tops. 

The offset closet has a luxury feel to it with an ottoman in the middle and plenty of shelving and racks for all the owner's needs

This offset closet is luxurious with an ottoman in its middle, plenty of shelves and racks to meet all your needs.

A large outdoor dining area, which is enclosed under a roof, is located off the second living space. A raised, covered deck extends the living room. 

Below the deck, you will find a home gym that features a basketball court as well as a boxing ring.  

It’s surrounded by a pool that has a waterfall and loungers looking out onto the house. There is also an alcove pool behind it. 

The property also features a putting course that is located to the side of the main residence. 

There is also a separate guest house with two bedrooms and three baths. The guest house also features its own private back decks that face away from the main house.  

A different bathroom features darker hardware, with dark flooring and marbling

Another bathroom has darker hardware and dark marbling. 

A small study features a couch and a fireplace and has outdoor access

The small study has a fireplace, a couch, and access to the outdoors. 

Wahlberg, who has a Beverly Hills property worth $87.5million, recently removed the property from the market because of the high mortgage rate. 

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Wahlberg bought land in Nevada and plans to move there to find lower taxes and a better life. But it seems that Wahlberg has the patience to wait and see if the housing market cools down before he buys more.

Wahlberg made it clear earlier this month that his home in Los Angeles is being sold to Nevada, as a way to create ‘Hollywood 2.0’ in Las Vegas.

Wahlberg decided to sell his Beverly Hills home after building his dream family home on the parcel of land.

Around the time that Wahlberg owned the home, the pool area feature a more waterpark feel and feature brighter colors and green furniture

The pool area was designed to feel more like a waterpark and featured brighter colors and more green furniture during Wahlberg’s ownership. 

The basketball court also was green rather than a matte gray like it is currently

It was also green, rather than the current matte gray. 

In 2009, the actor spent $8.25 million on a dirt lot in North Beverly Park. He then enlisted Richard Landry of The Landry Design Group for help in building the home of his dreams.

This family compound boasts 12 bedrooms and 20 bathrooms on a total of 30,500 square feet. 

HeAlready made two purchases in the Silver According to the State, he owns a 2.5-acre parcel of land worth $15.6million in an exclusive location. He also plans to build a $14.5million bungalow. Elite Agent. 

The 51-year old actor spoke out Tuesday to The Talk about his feelings towards the Golden State, saying he was leaving in the hope of giving his children a better life in Nevada that is income tax-free. 

Wahlberg has taken his other lavish Beverly Hills mansion (pictured) off the market, realizing he will have to wait for the housing market to rebound in order to command top dollar

Wahlberg, realizing that the housing market is recovering and he needs to be able to get top dollar, has removed his Beverly Hills mansion (pictured). 

The massive piece of property is nestled in the canyon just below Mulholland Highway, and overlooks the city of Los Angeles, and was on the market for $87.5million

The huge property is located in the canyon below Mulholland Highway. It overlooks Los Angeles and was listed for $87.5million 

Wahlberg has already made two purchases in Nevada, a $15.6million 2.5-acre block of land in an exclusive area that he plans to build out, as well as a $14.5million bungalow (pictured) to live in as construction begins

Wahlberg already purchased two Nevada properties, one a $25.6 million 2.5-acre block in an exclusive area. He also plans to build a $14.5million bungalow to live in during construction.