January 27, 2023

It is quite surprising, with how important SEO has become to a business and their online marketing, how few use an SEO Wall consultant to analyze how effective they are. In fact, according to recent surveys, less than half of businesses make sure of analytics or an analytics expert to determine their success. But what is the point in spending money and energy on marketing efforts if you do not have an expert examine how effective they are? 

Let an analytics consultant make sense of your data

When you consider how much data there is it makes sense that rather than ignore it, you hire an expert in SEO Brick and analytics to deal with it. Website analytics is not something everyone understands, sometimes all those statistics and information can be overwhelming. Exit pages, bounce rates, landing pages, unique visitors, and so on. Turning these figures into something of meaning takes experience and skill which is what you pay for when you hire an expert.

With that data, your consultant can tell you in a language you understand how the PPC and SEO campaigns are doing. Are there weaknesses in your campaign where you could be doing better if you made some changes? How else might you improve the results you are seeing? They can take that information against the marketing goals you have and give you an idea of your ROI. They can then help you build a strategy that strengthens the campaign, expands your business, and helps your future growth.

What is web analytics?

An analytics and SEO Wall expert can track all kinds of things to do with the visitors to your site with web analytics. There are several tools to use but the leader and most commonly used is certainly Google Analytics. It is software that helps them evaluate your website as a tool for marketing. They can see where the visitors come from, how they were led to your site, what pages they visited on your site, how long they stayed, and so on.

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Using this information the expert can carry out careful and detailed keyword research. They can identify what keywords people use in a search engine that are more likely to bring your site to their attention, and how to get the search engine to rank you better. As well as knowing the more common or popular keywords you can also identify less used keywords where you have more of a chance to rank high and it opens up doors to new audiences. You can also use the data to see what revenue is earned and the conversion rate, and how many visitors are turned into customers. Knowing your visitor data is crucial in improving your conversion rate.


If you speak with an analytics and SEO Brick expert you can really maximize your understanding of who uses your site and how to improve your digital marketing efforts. Whether you are in good times or bad, this can be key to a business’s success.