February 9, 2023

Kyle Sandilands wants to boost his sex life with the help of an expert.

On Thursday morning’s Kyle & Jackie O Show, the 51-year-old radio host discussed the idea of ​​building a sex room in his newly purchased home with fiancé Tegan Kynaston, which is currently undergoing renovation.

The room will be behind a ‘secret door’ that connects to the home library.

Kyle Sandilands (left) wants to ramp up his sex life in his newly bought home with the help of an expert

Kyle and his co-host Jackie ‘O’ Henderson talked about the room after they both watched the new Netflix series How to Build a Sex Room, a show in which luxury interior designer Melanie Rose creates ‘sex rooms’ for couples seeking to more excitement in the bedroom.

Kyle was surprised when Jackie revealed that she invited Melanie on the radio show to talk about building a sex room.

“If you were going to make a sex room, let’s build it now,” Jackie told Kyle.

The conversation started rather tamely when Melanie asked the former Australian Idol judge how much space he has.

‘About four-car garage space. Double the height and you could fit four cars in it, he said.

“Melanie has worked with some s****y rooms, this is a good room,” Jackie added.

“We can really go to hell for leather here.”

Kyle also noted that the room should be soundproofed as he is expecting his first child with Tegan, 37, and doesn’t want to hear the newborn cry as he “beats his missus.”

When Melanie asked what “adult toys” he takes to the bedroom, Kyle seemed squeamish about answering.

“Um,” he replied as Jackie laughed.

“There are some dildos,” the father-to-be added. “But we don’t use them often.”

‘Why not?’ the designer asked.

The house sits on 9580 sqm of land and adjacent bushland, and is quite spacious, with five bathrooms in addition to the generous number of bedrooms

According to the original listing, the mansion also has “large living areas with high ceilings” and a “huge eat-in kitchen with plenty of storage”

“Well, because I’m a man’s man and I like the meat to do all the work,” he replied. “Every now and then, when I’m not performing well, I’ll throw her the old battery thing and…”there you go sweetheart.”

The group then tried to “broaden” Kyle’s ideas and talked about what kind of “device” would work for him, and whether or not he liked role-playing games like BDSM.

“I don’t like hitting and paddling and whipping. I don’t feel like it,” he said, before explaining that he used to be “passed” by his stepfather.

The eight-bedroom house is being transformed into a ‘Hamptons-style family home’

“It triggers me,” explained the former Big Brother presenter.

Kyle then said he didn’t like “sensual play” either, preferring to be “laughed off.”

“Am I missing something?” he asked, to which Melanie replied, “Maybe you’re missing a lot!”

He also discussed the room’s color scheme, throwing around the idea of ​​Kyle doing “boudoir photography” with Tegan.

“I’d rather wear a tuxedo with the old man hanging out there. Would that work?’ he asked.

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“We could do that too,” Melanie replied. “But would you stand half upright?”

Jackie burst out laughing as Kyle quipped, “Well, you’d definitely punch it. You wouldn’t want to see the ‘sleeping turtle’.’

Jackie then pointed out that the only thing her co-host had actually said yes to in the sex room was a photo of himself, adding that Kyle was probably Melanie’s hardest client to work with.

Change: Kyle’s co-host Jackie ‘O’ Henderson (left) said she was ‘so happy’ for the couple following their baby news, telling them their lives were about to change forever

“You might want a full-length mirror so you can see yourself,” Melanie added.

Other options for the room included a spanking couch, a St Andrews Cross, and an inversion table.

“I think you might like that,” Jackie told Kyle.

“I’ll take a gold inversion table with black leather accents,” Kyle said.

‘How about a Tantra chair?’ Melanie asked, before explaining that the love chair designed enhances sex life while blending into a home’s aesthetic.

“It has an ergonomic curve so you can really lie down and relax and then have your wife on top of you,” she added.

“Okay, I take it,” Kyle replied. “Throw one of those in.”

Closing out their conversation, the radio host said he would not turn down the offer to build a sex room in his new home and said he would ask his fiancé for her opinion.

“Maybe I’m not satisfying her,” he said. “Maybe she wants to be tickled and tied up.”

“You should at least offer it,” Jackie added.

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Last month, Kyle dropped $3 million on an eight-bedroom Sydney townhouse that he plans to turn into a “Hamptons-style” home with Tegan ahead of their son’s birth.

Kyle Sandilands is making big strides with his pregnant fiancé Tegan Kynaston ahead of the birth of their first child. Both pictured

Tegan will give birth to her first child with fiancé Kyle . next week

The rural home is ten minutes from Glenorie Village and was previously rented for $1200 per week.

Kyle and Tegan currently live in a rented house in Sydney’s chic Bellevue Hill.

Meanwhile, Tegan is due to give birth to their son – who they have already named Otto – next week.

The high-profile couple got engaged in Port Douglas last year, before announcing in February that they were expecting a baby.