March 29, 2023

By Elizabeth Elkind, U.S. Political Reporter For Dailymail.Com

Republican Ohio Sen. JD Vance claimed on Thursday that sending U.S. military aid to Ukraine was making our country more vulnerable against a possible war with China.

The freshman conservative lawmaker has been critical of the billions of dollars sent to Kyiv since Russia first launched its brutal invasion early last year.

He’s circulated a letter to fellow GOP colleagues that would demand a full audit of all the dollars and other aid sent to Ukraine, Vance previously told WLWT.

Speaking to Fox & Friends on Thursday morning, Vance claimed Ukraine’s government had a ‘corruption’ problem and called Russia’s war against it a ‘strategic quagmire.’ 

‘We have sent so much of our munitions down, so much of our military-grade equipment down, if we have to fight a war against China – which I think is far more likely and, frankly, it’s a far more dangerous opponent – that’s what worries me, is that the focus on Russia comes at the expense of China,’ Vance said.

Ohio Republican Senator JD Vance has been skeptical of US aid to Ukraine since before coming to Congress

‘Unfortunately. we cannot fight two enemies at once, and whether we fight the Chinese-  god forbid, directly, or indirectly – down the road over the next 20 or 30 years, we need to focus where the real problem is. In my view that’s China.’

The U.S. has by far surprised Europe as the main source of military aid to Ukraine, sending more than $27 billion worth of aid so far.

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But each new package has seen bipartisan support, with most lawmakers on both sides of the aisle arguing that helping Ukraine now is the best way to defeat Russian aggression.

Vance would not say during his television interview whether he outright opposed further aid or not, but said, ‘we should know where the money is going.’

‘I understand people are on different sides of the issue, but my big concern here is that Biden has not articulated a vision for what we are doing in Ukraine. What is our goal?’ the senator said.

He Said Ukraine'S Government Led By Volodymyr Zelensky Has A 'Corruption' Problem But Did Not Cite Evidence Or Details

He said Ukraine’s government led by Volodymyr Zelensky has a ‘corruption’ problem but did not cite evidence or details

Vance Also Claimed The Aid Dollars And Military Technology Being Sent To Ukraine Is Making The Us More Vulnerable Against A 'War' By China And Its Leader Xi Jinping

Vance also claimed the aid dollars and military technology being sent to Ukraine is making the US more vulnerable against a ‘war’ by China and its leader Xi Jinping

‘How is American policy meant to achieve that goal? And because of that, it feels sometimes like we are just shoveling money over there without any clear plan for what it is meant to accomplish.’

It comes one day after President Joe Biden announced the U.S. will send 31 Abrams battle tanks to Ukraine’s forces, as Kyiv braces for a renewed offensive by Moscow’s troops.

He said the new technology would ‘enhance Ukraine’s capacity to defend its territory and achieve its strategic objectives.’

Biden pointed out that the tanks were for ‘helping Ukraine defend and protect Ukrainian land’ – and ‘not an offensive threat to Russia.’