February 7, 2023

The 18th edition of the World Athletics Championships has just come to a close in Eugene, Oregon, after nine days of competition in which the world’s top athletic stars turned up to compete against themselves and each other.

Over the course of the event, three world records were broken, with some of the best runners, jumpers and pitchers in the industry just two years away from the Paris Olympics.

As always in major competitions, these moments are laced with important personal and international highlights, but also moments that those involved may not look back too enthusiastically.

Jack Wightman’s gold in the 1500m final has been listed as one of Oregon’s highlights


Wightman’s Golden Run

With Dad Geoff commenting in the stadium and Mom Susan so nervous she couldn’t watch in the stands, Jake Wightman had the run of his life to beat the 1500m Goliath, Jakob Ingebrigtsen, and win gold. “That’s my son,” Geoff said to the crowd. ‘I coach him. And he is the world champion.’

Mighty McLaughlin

Making a strong case for being the best female athlete in history, American star Sydney McLaughlin added the world title in the 400m hurdles in an astonishing 50.68 seconds, destroying her own world record. Also, the US 4x400m team anchored to gold with a lightning-quick split of 47.91sec, 1.5sec faster than the rest.

The Heroic Rise of Hudson-Smith

After three years of ‘absolute hell’ when his physical and mental health sank so low that he attempted suicide, Matthew Hudson-Smith came all the way back to a World Cup podium, winning a stunning bronze at 400 meters in 44.66 seconds. Few deserved more.


Reider comes into contact with the police

Sprints coach Rana Reider was not accredited as he was under investigation for sexual misconduct, but that didn’t stop him from accessing the athletes area in an effort to help some of his athletes. The police have arrested the American.

Dina ends on downer

After an MRI scan today, Dina Asher-Smith will learn the magnitude of the problem that forced her to stop in the relay on Saturday. She had set a British record by finishing fourth in the 100m, then won bronze over 200, dedicating it to her late grandmother. But next week’s Commonwealth Games are now in serious doubt.

Legendary mascot loses his head

Beloved mascot Legend the Bigfoot was at the center of a mid-championship police investigation — no, seriously — after a local teen stole his head. A photographer spotted on social media at a house party lost his accreditation before being cleared of wrongdoing.

Legend the Bigfoot (left) became involved in a police investigation after a brief disappearance