December 4, 2022

The developers of EA have a new Empty space remake gameplay trailer just in time to mark the arrival of the haunted season. In the trailer, engineer Isaac Clarke arms himself with all sorts of industrial tools to do bloody work on the vicious Necromorphs that have overrun the USG Ishimura.

EA is recreating the 2008 survival horror game and splattering it with another coat of dark and dirty paint. Rebuilt in the Frostbite engine, the haunted spaceship’s dark corners appear even darker, and the amplified wet squelch sounds that come when Isaac reins in a Necromorph will no doubt send the misophonia sufferers running for the hills. (It’s me, I suffer from misophonia.) In a press release, EA shared that this new Empty space also includes additional narrative elements to further, ahem, develop the game’s story.

The Empty space remake, slated for Xbox, PC, and PlayStation on January 23, comes as the original Empty space‘s co-creator, Glen Schofield, is gearing up to release his own horror game, The Callisto protocol. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait long after the spooky season to play both games.

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