February 7, 2023

The game of blackjack has been around for centuries, but it’s probably undergone more changes in the last few years than in all of its previous history. That’s because the switch to online blackjack has led to some fascinating new ways of playing that have turned this classic card game into a modern entertainment option. What will you find if you play this game online?

There Are Many Versions of the Game

You might be surprised when you enter a gaming site and see so many versions of blackjack gathered in the lobby. If you play blackjack online at Paddy Power, for example, you’ll see titles like Cashback Blackjack, Premium Blackjack and Blackjack Cash Out. The rules to each game are clearly explained underneath, with options such as folding early or playing with multiple hands at once available in different versions.

Some of the online versions also give you the chance to place side bets in addition to your main wager. The Perfect Pairs bet is a good example of this, as you win when the first cards to be dealt are identical. The prizes are generally bigger in these bets than in the basic game, but you’ll probably also see these additional wagers win less often than your main hand.

You Can Play with a Live Dealer

The loss of the human touch was one of the things that occurred with the initial switch to online blackjack. With virtual tables used, there was no human dealer there to give out the cards, which arguably removed some of the appeal of playing the game. It certainly made blackjack feel different from the face-to-face game that most of us know it as.

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However, the introduction of streaming technology has brought this element back and given players more options for how they play it. Now, you can choose from playing the live games that are streamed to your screen from a casino setting, or from virtual blackjack tables where the action takes place on a computer-generated table.  It’s just a question of deciding which approach you prefer.

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But the Basic Game Remains the Same

Despite these different games and alternative ways of playing them, the rules of the game remain as simple as they ever were. If you’ve ever played it before, you already know that you need to try and get as close as possible to 21 without going over this total. This hasn’t changed and that’s why it’s instantly familiar when you go online for the first time.

The way that blackjack has gone online so successfully has opened it up to a new audience, but the simplicity of the game hasn’t been sacrificed at all in this transition. It remains one of the simplest card games to learn and start playing. The presence of automatic payouts and help sections make it even easier to play.

Aiming for the perfect hand of 21 remains as popular as ever, and the way it’s become a favourite of online players means that it should carry on being one of our favourites for a long time to come.