February 3, 2023

Implement a Workation Policy – Increase Employee Retention

It’s tough to keep great employees right now. It’s no secret that opportunities abound and while things may change soon thanks to a recession, for now, better benefits and policies will be the key to keeping your best assets. 

A workation policy might just be the newest and best key to that puzzle. A workation allows your employees to travel and immerse themselves in different cultures while still working full-time. It saves them from having to use their precious vacation days. 

Why would you do that though? Well, workations benefit you as the employer too! They are proven to: 

  • Increase productivity
  • Increase creativity
  • Encourage motivation
  • Promotes teamwork 

When you’re sharing your new policy with the team, make sure you share Next Vacay’s top 10 list of the best workation destinations. These places are guaranteed to have strong WiFi and plenty of areas to work from so they can keep in touch with the office when they need to. 


You may want to share some of the below challenges and planning tips with them too, help set them up for success! 

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