February 7, 2023

It’s normal to want to make some decor and organization changes to your home. You can make a few easy changes without breaking your budget. Here are some ways to use kitchen remodeling to expand your small kitchen:

Increase Space by Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen remodeling is one way to make your small kitchen feel larger. There are several different ways to begin remodeling your kitchen that don’t cost a lot of money. Here are some examples:

A space that is unused or awkward can be turned into a useful storage area. You can take an odd corner of your lower cabinets and turn them into a corner drawer or a lazy susan cabinet. Most of these specially designed cabinets will be made to order by kitchen remodeling specialists. Other types of storage cabinets include stacking drawers, ceiling-tall cabinetry, and more.

Old kitchen appliances generally come bulky. New technology has created sleeker phones, TVs, and even kitchen devices. A great way to maximize your modest kitchen is to switch aged appliances with a newer model. With less bulk, you will have more space.

Building certain items into your kitchen cabinetry can give your kitchen the illusion of largeness. An avid cooker or baker may choose to add a condiment case or built-in spice rack. In the small-appliances category, you can add hidden outlets, or a stow-away trash can. Large appliances can be built into your kitchen cabinetry. You may choose a refrigerator that blends in with your cabinets or a dishwasher designed to look like a drawer.

Paint can transform a room quite easily. White may be the best choice to paint your small-scale kitchen. White takes away the boundaries that seem to be set by other colors. Whether it be your cabinets or walls, white could be the perfect fit. If you prefer a darker palette, you can paint your kitchen black or gray. Either is perfectly fine but sticking to one general color could assist in creating a spacious feel. Some may even choose a two-tone effect. By making one color more prominent while the other is used more as an accent. This can be very successful in a small area.

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When renovating your kitchen, you may want to consider blending certain surfaces. Using the same tile or granite as your countertop and back-splash can create a united look. This assists in drawing the eye to the full picture while seeming to create space.

When choosing your kitchen cabinets for a remodel, think of the space your handles or knobs may be taking up. It may not seem like a huge deal, but in small spaces everything is significant. Consider getting rid of your cabinet handles and opt for new polished cupboards without them. This may not work for everyone, but it may be a great start to a larger feeling kitchen.

If you’re opting for tiles in your renovated kitchen, you may want to choose a larger tile. Using a larger tile in a smaller kitchen may expand your space to look bigger. The larger tiles create an illusion of a more seamless space, tricking the mind into thinking it’s not small. Tiles can create more dimension to add space to your kitchen.

Light can make a huge difference in a small kitchen area. We are generally not in control of how much natural light is gracing our space. There are ways to use kitchen renovation to favor your natural light. When renovating, choose glossy objects. Whether that be countertops, light wood cabinetry, or high-gloss finish paint. The light will easily bounce from one object to the other to create a more open space.

Ramp-Up Your Remodel

A compact kitchen does not mean you can’t have everything you want. There are several ways to maximize the small space you have. Whether it’s a quick paint job or an entire remodel, you should make sure that you choose the correct people to remodel. If you want to add more space to your area with kitchen remodeling, look for a reputable company. Expert designers can help you maximize your space.

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